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Vida Glow believe in the importance of holistic wellness, that goes beyond a one dimensional approach to beauty. Beginning with a range of pure yet powerful supplements and expanding into skincare in 2018, Vida Glow delivers a beauty experience that focuses on all layers of the skin.


Vida Glow initially focussed on offering marine collagen only, an ingredient that has become a key part of the entire range. Founder Anna Lahey discovered its potential health and skin benefits while on holidays in Japan, seeing collagen supplements available in pharmacies, supermarkets, gyms and even restaurants. She began taking it daily, seeing a dramatic increase in the health and vitality of her hair, skin and nails.


After seeing the benefits Marine Collagen was having for their customers, Vida Glow was motivated to expand their range to offer a more holistic approach to beauty and wellness, by harnessing the goodness of real food.


With a range of collagen supplements, beauty powders designed to treat and target different concerns, as well as a skincare range, Vida Glow delivers a well-rounded selection to benefit health and beauty.


What is Marine Collagen?

Collagen is an important protein that makes up the majority of the skin and ligaments, collagen is naturally produced by the body. As we age, the amount naturally produced starts to decrease, affecting skin elasticity and hair fullness.


Vida Glow’s collagen supplement range uses Marine Collagen derived from the scales of the Deep Sea Red Snapper. Marine Collagen works from within to deliver essential micronutrients to the collagen matrix below the skin, and helps to boost the body’s natural ability to produce it. With a low molecular weight, Vida Glow’s Marine Collagen is highly bio-available.


All Vida Glow products are 100% natural, and free from gluten, dairy, parabens and are non-GMO. 


Vida Glow is available only for shipping within Australia.

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Vida Glow Beauty Skin 210gVida Glow Beauty Skin 210g
Vida Glow
Vida Glow Beauty Skin 210g

Not bad for something that’s good for you

This is a nice, not too sweet alternative to hot chocolate in winter and goes well in smoothies too. Doesn’t taste overly fake sweet and it’s packed full of goodness!
Vida Glow Marine Collagen BlueberryVida Glow Marine Collagen Blueberry
Vida Glow
Vida Glow Marine Collagen Blueberry

Good collagen supplement

This works well, as do other collagen supplements in the range however I prefer the flavourless to the blueberry (personal preference). It does dissolve well and did give me stronger nails though!
Vida Glow Marine Collagen OriginalVida Glow Marine Collagen Original
Vida Glow
Vida Glow Marine Collagen Original

A good collagen supplement

I’ve tried this and the blueberry flavour and prefer the original as it’s flavourless and can go into anything with minimal flavour added. It dissolves quite well and did boost my hair and nail growth. I noticed stronger nails after a couple of weeks taking one serve a day. The only downside is the price. I’ve had more affordable supplements for the same result.
Vida Glow Beauty Cleanse 210gVida Glow Beauty Cleanse 210g
Vida Glow
Vida Glow Beauty Cleanse 210g

Best flavour greens I’ve tried

I really like this as a greens mix as it’s quite palatable and doesn’t have that overly artificial sweetener flavour or taste like pure liquid kale. I’d like to think this makes me a bit healthier, especially on days where I need a bit more energy or haven’t quite hit the 5 serves a day. It’s definitely a nice distraction from sweets in the afternoon so that can’t be bad!