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The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser 50ml 50ml

4.4 of 72 reviews


4 instalments of $3.48


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4 instalments of $3.48


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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Sensitivity and redness
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser 50ml

The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser 50ml

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4.4 of 72 reviews

87% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love it
So effective for removing makeup at the end of the day. Melts my mascara off.. but so gentle and once rinsed my face feels so clean, yet plump and hydrated! Never tight or dry. Game changer cleanser for me

Most Helpful Criticism

Gentle cleanser. Doesn’t remove my makeup
It’s a gentle cleanser, feels nice going on but doesn’t really do much. I still have makeup on after cleansing.
  1. BANG for your BUCK

    This was one of the first Ordinary products I ever purchased. As an introductory product, I have been hooked on this brand since. The cleanser has a beautiful creamy texture that melts to be a beautiful oil. One of the best things about this cleanser is my skin doesn't feel as though it has been completely stripped of its natural oils after use.
  2. Love it

    So effective for removing makeup at the end of the day. Melts my mascara off.. but so gentle and once rinsed my face feels so clean, yet plump and hydrated! Never tight or dry. Game changer cleanser for me
  3. Doesn’t dry

    I feel like this cleans my skin without drying it. I hop out of the shower and my face looks brighter and I’m not racing for the moisturiser immediately. If I wore heavy makeup I may use this as a primary or secondary cleanser, if I doubled up
  4. Great product

    This product is great. I have really sensitive skin and haven’t had any bad reactions to this product.
  5. Great product, leaves skin feeling super soft

    I have normal to oily skin and this product is amazing! I love that it goes on dry skin with your hands, saves a lot of messing about with water or sponges. Leaves the skin feeling super soft afterwards after cleansing everything away.
    Highly recommend!
  6. mild cleanser

    This is really mild cleanser, I wouldn't only use this product. I definitely needed to either use this 2/3 times to get all my make up and dead skin off or use this with another product for an efficient clean. I will probably keep this as just a pre cleanse as it was so cheap and affordable.
  7. Great!

    Using this as a pre-cleanse has helped my winter ravaged skin to not feel so dry. Comes out white and balmy but warming it up on the skin turns it translucent and moderately thick. On application to the face it feels thick but spreads out really well.

    Unlike some other balmy cleansers, it doesn't feel greasy on the skin after you wash it off.
  8. Not the best

    I purchased this cleanser due it's great price and reviews. I wasn't overly impressed. It's a very oily textured cleanser and I feel it didn't really remove my makeup or do much at all. I had to follow on with my usual cleanser to really clean my skin. Personally won't be purchasing again, it wasn't for me.
  9. Great and soothing

    I enjoy the product, it slides nicely onto my skin and I use it at night as my only cleanser. I don’t wear makeup so it is hard for me to determine whether this cleanser could remove it however, it is perfect for removing my sunscreen.
  10. Please make a bigger size

    Perfect cleanser for me. No irritation when taking eye makeup off, love the consistency & ease of washing off.. just wish it was larger than 50ml.
  11. Gentle cleanser. Doesn’t remove my makeup

    It’s a gentle cleanser, feels nice going on but doesn’t really do much. I still have makeup on after cleansing.
  12. Affordable product

    Great affordable product, washes face clean of any makeup leaving it fresh. Dont be disguised by its price really loving it.
  13. LOVE IT

    this cleanser is amazing! I have sensitive, oily skin and this cleanser is so good for my skin! It controls my face and doesn't make it break out at all, it doesn't make it too dry and keeps it hydrated. Definitely recommend!!
  14. Great face wash

    I was suggested to try this face wash and I am glad I did, It gets rid of all my stubborn make up (even waterproof mascara) and seeing as my skin is oily its been one of the only "oil based cleansers" I have found that haven't broken me out. I usually use this as my first cleanse.
  15. Good

    I like using ordinary products and this is another good one. I use an oil cleansing method before and then use this cleanser and my skin is left clean.
  16. Great texture!

    I really enjoy using this cleanser in the morning. It gives me an opportunity to let the water heat up before it touches my skin and the texture is just lovely to use. I haven't used it to take makeup off yet but I have used it every morning for the last 3 weeks and it doesn't strip your face like normal facewashes so it's nice to wake up and feel hydrated.
  17. Nice

    I like the texture of this cleanser and it works well on most of my makeup. Not great on mascara & eyeliner. It’s non drying which is great from my normal to dry skin. It is also un-scented, which I like.
  18. Non-drying

    It took some time for my mature skin to adjust to this cleanser as I have been so used to using harsh cleansers that stripped my skin of natural oils. A few weeks in and I am very happy with the moisturising effect of this cleanser, as well as the effectiveness in removing make up. Definitely not to be underestimated.
  19. Moisturising cleanser with

    I like this cleanser a lot because the oily cream works on my older dry skin. The granuals are a little disconcerting but got used to them quickly. I experienced some discomfort/ slight burning but that has since disappeared.
  20. Nice first cleanse

    If you like double cleansing and need a new first cleanse this could be it! It's gentle, yet effective and doesn't aggravate my acne-prone skin. The only problem is that the bottle is very small - hopefully the Ordinary bring out a bigger size!
  21. Mature skin + long wear full cover foundation

    39 yrs old. I wear long wear, full cover foundation daily. I usually double cleanse out of necessity, but tried this and it smashed my makeup! Very surprised and I confirmed with a clean cotton pad after I stepped out of my shower (I cleansed before I got in and rinsed in the shower). Spotless!!
  22. Another great Ordinary product

    Leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean! I use this as the second step in my cleansing routine, I first remove my makeup with an oil based cleanser. Works well with my dry combination skin.
  23. I love it

    It only loses a star because I haven't seen a HUGE improvement in my acne but overall I like it a lot. I didn't use it right at first but once I actually read the instructions it was amazing :P
  24. Double cleansing winner!!!

    If you love to double cleanse using an oil first this product is for you! I've used countless cleansing oils and balms and find this one by far the easiest and cleanest! Easy to dispense a pea sized amount...warm in hands and melt away makeup on dry skin then remove with warm washcloth...I have combination skin and totally believe this will suit all skin types
  25. Lovely

    this product is honestly amazing! it leaves my skin so clean and hydrated! definitely recommend to those with acne prone and dry skin!
  26. Gentle but no wow factor

    I’m a total believer in The Ordinary line so definitely wanted to love this but I found it much less than I thought it would be. It’s certainly a gentle cleanser, it didn’t remove as well as I thought it should and I don’t wear heavy makeup so that was surprising. It did leave my skin without that tight feeling which was good but overall it just didn’t pack the punch that had been hyped. It also didn’t go very far in terms of amount of uses, probably because I had to use more to get it to work. I won’t be repurchasing unfortunately, but I still love TO!
  27. Interesting formula, leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth.

    Love this cleanser! I haven’t used it to remove makeup yet but after use my skin feels clean and hydrated. I have somewhat dry, sometimes sensitive skin which has reacted wonderfully to this gentle cleanser. Takes a little while to work into an oil however could just be because of the cold temperature at the moment. Overall a great cleanser for an amazing price!
  28. Glides on and feels clean

    Beautiful product ! So cheap for the quality of product! Has nice clean smell glides on face so smoothly takes away all makeup without drying face out! I have really sensitive skin and it works really well for me ! Love !
  29. Good different!

    So to use this you warm the product on dry hands and apply to a dry face. It has an almost oil cleanser consistency. It's so gentle but absolutely does the job. The ordinary has definitely won me over again
  30. Excellent product

    Was a bit sceptical when I bought this product at first - but IT WAS AMAZING. Leaves skin so clean but not dry. Highly recommend for those with acne and problem skin as it is very gentle yet effective. It is on the smaller size price wise- but much better than anything else out there.
  31. Nice.

    Just nice, nothing too special about this one. I was so happy when I saw the Ordinary had a cleanser, but it leaves my skin feeling no different. I like something a with a little more oomph.

    This is such a good face wash!!! it makes my skin feel so clean and soft, it definitely gets all the dirt out and even helps clear my acne I love this so much
  33. Unique product.

    This cleanser is unique in the sense that it is applied to dry skin and becomes an almost oily solution once rubbed in. When the product is washed off it leaves my face feeling soft and moisturised, unlike a lot of other cleaners that dry out my skin. I use it each morning and will continue to. Great quality for money too!
  34. Love

    I love the ordinary. This makes my skin more even, smooth, toned, and soft! An amazing product for the price and lasted a fair while considering the size of the bottle! Cleanses off makeup so well!
  35. Lovely cleanser overall, but not alot of Grunt

    I was stoked when The Ordinary brought out a cleanser and so excited to try it. As I mentioned in my summary, it's a lovely overall cleanser but for anyone who wears a fairly heavy coverage of makeup, you will find this cleanser does not remove it in one go round. Maybe if you wear a bb or cc cream instead of a long wear foundation it might be a different scenario. It's also a REALLY small tube considering the amount you need to use to be able to cover your entire face as it tells you to apply it on dry skin.
    In saying all that it's got a lovely consistency to it and it doesn't leave any kind of residue on your face and leaves your skin feeling quite soft.
    I'll continue using it and will just double cleanse or single cleanse and then use micellar water to get the remaining makeup off.
  36. frickin amazing

    SOOOOOO GOOD removes all makeup and leaves skin hydrated, doesn't strip skin. Also squalane is amazing for skin as it is naturally found in the skin
  37. Gentle cleanser but no "oomph"

    I use this every second day as it is smooth and GENTLE on the skin. Leaves your face feeling super soft. However, I feel it lacks the strength to remove make up as well as cleanse your face without having to repeat 2-3 times. Hence the emphasis on "gentle"

    This product removes absolutely all of my makeup after using it with the ordinary squalane cleansing gel. It is so gentle on the skin as well and you only need a small amount it lasts forever.
  39. Non stripping and drying

    Enjoying this cleanser for change in weather, a little goes a long way and it leaves the skin feeling soft and not stripped and tight like many others do. great job deciem!
  40. Perfectly cleansed skin

    I love a cleanser that can be put on dry skin as I’m lazy when it comes to cleansing. Leaves skin feeling clean but not right and effectively removed all debris. I have dehydrated skin and it didn’t dry me out.
  41. Great for removing makeup but feels like a travel size version.

    I'm a massive fan of The Ordinary and I was so excited when they released a cleanser! The size is a little disproportionate to the price as far as The Ordinary's average prices go, but perhaps the ingredients are worth it (I'm not sure). All the same, I bought it as soon as I could.

    It doesn't seem to contain any artificial fragrances, which is good. The texture is light, smooth, and creamy. It's recommended that you rub the product between your hands until warming to form an oil-like texture, but this was hard to do without using a notable amount (considering the product size) without it being absorbed by my hands. The same goes when (as recommended) I applied it to my face without dampening it first, so I've been adding a little water before doing so, which I'm unsure how much it affects the intended outcome.

    Upon adding water, the formula melts into a milk-like texture, taking any combined makeup with it. Pretty satisfying. It removes makeup better than any other cleanser I've used so far. I have combination skin that is more oily than dry and is quite resilient unless I overuse acids sometimes. I found this to be very soft on my skin even when my skin is on the more sensitive side, and it doesn't irritate my eyes unless it carries some mascara into them.

    I wouldn't go out of my way to recommend it to a friend, but I would still praise its makeup removing abilities. I think the size to cost ratio isn't proportionate to the recommended use of the product. If I were to use it accordingly, it would only last for a few weeks. It feels more like a travel size version. If this changed, I would be giving a 5-star rating.
  42. smooth and moisturising

    love this cleanser! i have extremely sensitive skin and this cleanser leaves my skin feeling moisturised, clean and smooth.
  43. Smooth skin

    I have been using this product for about a week now, and so far I'm absolutely loving it! I use it after I've removed makeup with a face halo and micellar water. My skin feels really clean, moisturised and smooth after using this!
  44. cleans without drying

    Liking this cleanser very much.
    Not harsh or drying.. Does not leave my skin feeling tight.
    Appears to have improved tone and texture of skin.
    Going to keep using it. A little goes a long way
  45. It’s nice

    I really liked this. I got a little bit over it for a little bit but then went back to it and I’m so happy I did! I find this to work really well and definitely recommend it :)
  46. An excellent gentle and cost effective cleanser!

    I purchased this after reading several rave reviews. The consistency is creamy and there is no scent which I quite like. The only slightly annoying thing for me is that this has to be used on dry skin, and I usually cleanse in the shower. You rub the cream onto your face until it melts and reaches an oily consistency. After rinsing, this cleanser doesn't leave any residue and left my face feeling soft and clean. I wish it was slightly more effective at removing makeup (especially eye makeup) however overall a really good all round gentle cleanser! I most likely will repurchase as I'm trying to use gentler products as I'm getting older.
  47. Average.

    So as a big The Ordinary fan, I wanted to love this, I really did, but it just fell a little flat for me. I have found that it is not as effective as a first cleanse as the oil based cleanser I normally use, it's not great at removing heavy eye makeup, and it also stings my eyes a little (I don't have sensitive skin or eyes generally). After a rinse, my face does feel clean but also feels a little like its been stripped; as I feel I'm working twice as hard to get the make up off. I will probably finish this tube (waste not want not), but I don't see myself buying another tube to be honest.
  48. Excellent cleanser

    Very gentle cleanser that does a great job and a great price. Hasn’t irritate my skin at all and has helped clear up blemishes
  49. Great gentle and effective cleanser

    This cleanser is gentle and effective.

    If you’re like me, you associate the word gentle with useless. With this cleanser it isn’t the case. I don’t take my make up off before I cleanse and it takes it off in two goes.

    Great value for money; highly recommend.
  50. Gentle effective cleanser

    I have oily skin and this cleanser and was after a gentle yet effective cleanser. This one does a great job at removing make-up and oil without making my skin feel dry. It does take about 10 seconds or so to warm the product in your hands before use, but it's not too much hassle when you're used to it. It rinses clean with no residue. I will re-purchase and recommend.
  51. Love it

    I find a lot of gentle cleansers don't really do their job but this one does as promised. Will repurchase
  52. Nice but expensive for the amount of product.

    I've been using this as a first step cleanser, following with a gentle foaming cleanser to ensure my face isn't left with any residue. As this turns into an oily-feeling product after massaging it into the face, I find that I need a second step to feel clean. Although it is a great product, does what it is supposed to, and hasn't given my skin any ill-effects, I do need to comment on the size of the product. It's quite expensive for 50mL whereas my regular oil cleanser is 200mL for ~$30. The Squalane cleanser is pricey for what it is, and I find that I need quite a substantial amount of product for its intended purpose--to remove makeup. So, all in all, I've nearly used the entire tube in a month! I still do like it, so will repurchase to have in my repertoire; however, I might use it as a cleanser on my off-days when I am not wearing any makeup and only sunscreen!
  53. Perfect gentle cleanser

    This cleanser is great to use as a first cleanse. It is extremely gentle yet melts all the makeup off my skin once I've created a balm with my hands. Highly recommended.
  54. Cleanses without drying

    New purchase, I love it! I wear light to medium coverage makeup and massaged into dry skin, it dissolves this no problem without leaving my skin tight and dry.
  55. Simple & effective

    This cleanser is super light, gentle on skin and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry after using. I’ve always had patchy dry skin - this cleanser has been perfect for me. It’s a really good basic cleanser. My only dislike is the size, using it twice a day will leave me needing a new one every month.
  56. New HG

    I saw this released and was really interested to try it but I was waiting until I had finished my current cleanser. I was excited to try a squalane cleanser and liked the fact this one is free from alcohol, silicone and is cruelty-free (also vegan!)

    It works differently to most cleansers I've used (you put it on your face dry) but I love it! You only need the tiniest amount do don't be put off by the size of the tube.

    I love how it doesn't dry my skin out like a lot of cleansers do. I love this alone but could definitely see myself using it when I double cleanse too.
  57. Ordinary

    I've been using The Ordinary products for nearly a year and was excited when this came on the shelves. I was excited to give it a go, but I feel it falls a little short. Yes it removes make up without drying the skin and its gentle on the eye area, but the tube is rather small, and I find that to remove all my make up (and I don't wear all that much) I need to use a reasonable amount, or cleanse twice. I can't image the tube would last any more than 3 weeks. Overall, its a nice product, but I wont purchase it again.
  58. Good cleanser; better for a pre-cleanse.

    I'm a fan of The Ordinary products as they're generally effective at a good price point. While I enjoyed how this cleanser doesn't strip the skin, I did find that on occasions when I'd worn heavier makeup it would take the assistance of an additional cleanser or cloth to remove stubborn eye makeup. As a result, I found myself using more product and have almost run out after only 3/4 weeks. It's also a relatively small tube for a cleanser and I wish it came in a larger size.

    In future I would use this more as a pre-cleanse, and probably more so for days when I'm not wearing heavy makeup. For days when you have to remove a full glam look, I'd suggest using something more heavy duty.
  59. What a delight

    This product is an absolute dream! I have sensitive skin and am always cautious when it comes to trying new products. This cleanser is lovely- easy to use and very gentle on the skin. My skin has been feeling soft and smooth after using it, and have not suffered any reactions or irritations
  60. Great gentle cleanser

    I’ve loved using this cleanser so far, it is good at removing makeup and leaves skin feeling clean but not tight or dry. Just took a star off because the tube is quite small and I think it won’t take long to finish.
  61. Love It

    Love the consistency of this cleanser. Super hydrating and a little goes a long way. I do use a makeup wipe to remove eye makeup first though and then go in with this cleanser, so it's perfect to use that way to really cleanse the skin once you've taken that first layer of makeup off.
  62. Great Cleanser

    I have never used many products on my skin in the past but the years are catching up and I've had to give it a bit more TLC. I was skeptical when I started using this as it's different to any cleansers I have used in the past but for good reason! Normally cleansers dry out my skin but this one leaves it really soft and smooth but still squeaky clean.
  63. One of my faves

    This is one of my favorite cleansers. I love using this when I double cleanse, I use this one first and my face feels so clean after.
  64. One of my faves

    This is one of my favorite cleansers. I love using this when I double cleanse, I use this one first and my face feels so clean after.
  65. Amazing cleanser

    Such an amazing cleanser at such a fantastic price for the quality of the product. Really does what it says! Great!!!
  66. Super gentle!!

    I have pretty oily skin that can be sensitive at times. I love how gently this cleanser is, whilst still cleaning my skin. Would definitely recommend!
  67. Just OK and noot good value for money

    This cleanser is gentle and doesn’t leave skin feeling dry or tight after washing. However I really need to take off zinc oxide based sunscreen first with micellar water because the squalane cleanser isn’t adequate as a ‘single cleanse’ product to remove thick sunscreen or makeup. Also the size is woeful. The whole tube was gone in 2 weeks. It’s inexpensive but not economical. I’d consider repurchasing if it came in a 150ml tube but in reality I’ll probably just contine my double cleansing method using Dermalogica Precleanse or other cleansing oil.
  68. Love it!

    The Ordinary have finally released a cleanser, and I'm not disappointed! Perfect for my skin, cleans really well and doesn't leave my skin dry. Great price. Will continue to use this in my lineup!
  69. Decent cleanser, especially for the price.

    Having heard a lot of buzz around this cleanser, I thought I’d give it a go- at such a low price I had nothing to lose.
    I use it primarily as a first cleanse to remove makeup at night, but I find it doesn’t remove my waterproof mascara very well (but not much does really). It does sting my eyes a little, but my eyes are very sensitive.
    My skin feels clean, soft, and it does not dry my skin out- most cleansers do, even when they say they won’t.
  70. Dissolves makeup

    Dissolves makeup so so easily. Love that it's not in a tub/ balm form - personally I find tubes easier. It hydrates and doesn't leave a stripped feeling
  71. Fantastic

    Dissolves makeup and feels great on my skin. Not at all irritating. Rinses clean and soft. Would highly recommend.
  72. Great for sensitive or dehydrated skin

    This is the best cleanser I have ever used on my sensitive and dry skin. I have found my new forever cleanser! Only marking it down 1 star because you only get a small bottle. Would love a much bigger bottle!
  73. Great cleanser but not what I was looking for

    This cleanser is more like a cleansing oil. You apply to DRY skin and then massage and rinse. It does a fantastic job of removing all traces of Estee Lauder Double Wear in one cleanse.
    It is a great products but I was looking for something I could use in the shower to take my makeup off at the end of the day - make sure you read the directions first to see if this cleanser is for you! :)
  74. Really great cleanser

    This is a really great hydrating (cream style) cleanser but really don't get much, even for the price. I would still highly recommend this, especially good to travel with and it does work very well.
  75. LOVE!

    A nice hydrating cleanser that dissolves makeup without irritation. Perfect for dry skin.
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