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The Ordinary Resveratrol 3% + Ferulic Acid 3%

4.4 of 62 reviews


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4 instalments of $3.48


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The Ordinary Resveratrol 3% + Ferulic Acid 3%

The Ordinary Resveratrol 3% + Ferulic Acid 3%

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4.4 of 62 reviews

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I've only just recently added this to my regime, but so far it seems promising and I think it might become a staple. Seems to make my skin hydrated and soft, and I've been mixing it with the Vitamin C powder, depending on what other products I'm using (not with Niacinamide, as they deactivate each other). It is one of the only oils that seems to go on okay over Niacinamide too, others seem to make it ball up a lot, but this one seems okay. It's a bit weird over some moisturisers, because it kind of emulsifies it, but it all seems to sink back into my skin one I let it sit for a bit.

I will say this is the worst smelling oil that I've tried, but the smell fades and this seems promising enough that the smell won't stop me using it.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not sure about its effects


I use this with my kiehls dark spot serum (i.e.vitamin c) because they say ferulic acid and vitamin c enhances both its effects. Maybe i am just yet to visibly see the results, but i cant say my skin has been getting worse!
  1. Promising


    I've only just recently added this to my regime, but so far it seems promising and I think it might become a staple. Seems to make my skin hydrated and soft, and I've been mixing it with the Vitamin C powder, depending on what other products I'm using (not with Niacinamide, as they deactivate each other). It is one of the only oils that seems to go on okay over Niacinamide too, others seem to make it ball up a lot, but this one seems okay. It's a bit weird over some moisturisers, because it kind of emulsifies it, but it all seems to sink back into my skin one I let it sit for a bit.

    I will say this is the worst smelling oil that I've tried, but the smell fades and this seems promising enough that the smell won't stop me using it.
  2. Feels lovely, but takes time.


    Although this doesn't contain any oil it is pretty greasy. But a little goes a VERY long way.
    It takes a few minutes to sink into the skin but gosh does my skin feel so good after this along with the rest of my routine.

    I have combination skin bordering the dry in winter but oily in the summer and am excited to see how this goes through summer.
  3. A good Resveratrol product thats affordable


    I like this product and its price! Previously i was using an expensive moisturiser with Resveratrol and loved it but this serum is much more potent than the one i was previously using! Has a warming effect when applying, i wonder if anyone else experiences this? I use it only at night, a little goes a long way. Yes its oily but not too bad.
    I did read its an estrogenic so i need to look into that a bit further.
    Would consider buying again ad i feel it is definitely improving my skin and making it more supple.
  4. A potent antioxidant


    This is one of my favourite products from the Ordinary range. My skin feels hydrated and smooth after using. This product can be mixed with Vitamin C powder to enhance it's anti oxidant effect. It's a good all round serum to be used in the morning after cleansing.
  5. Great mixed with the Vit C powder


    LOVING this mixed with The Ordinary Vitamin C powder. My skin looks so much more even in tone and my pores look noticeably smaller. This makes my skin glow! Definitely a holy grail for me. I’ve tried far, far more expensive Vit C/ferulic combos and gotten similar results, so why spend more?
  6. Great to be mixed


    I pretty much only use this to go with the ordinary L ascorbic acid. I used it for a while on it's own and it was okay, nothing special
  7. A great morning serum


    I mis this serum with 100% L-ascorbic powder for a fresh, bright skin. I'm in my 40s and often got asked how I maintain my youthful appearance. I think this product in conjunction with the Vit C powder really helps to make a difference, Considering the value of the two products, it's pretty amazing and meets my needs.
  8. Unsure that I am seeing results


    I have dry skin with redness, I have been using this in the AM and I may start changing it up to use only as a PM every second night with Vitamin C as the serum is a bit greasy and takes a while to sink into the skin.
    I have noticed maybe some improvement in skin clarity and tone, but not much.
    Will continue to use until I finish the bottle and assess my skin then.
  9. Not sure about its effects


    I use this with my kiehls dark spot serum (i.e.vitamin c) because they say ferulic acid and vitamin c enhances both its effects. Maybe i am just yet to visibly see the results, but i cant say my skin has been getting worse!
  10. Great to Fight Environmental Polution


    This is a really powerful antioxidant combination which is great for those who live in the city and face environmental toxins on a daily basis. It has really improved the clarity of my skin- definitely recommend!
  11. Mum loves it


    I bought this for my mum and she can’t thank me enough. She has oily skin. She has been using it every day, running out and asking for more. her skin looks healthier and she feels great
  12. Amazing


    This is an amazing product that gives my skin such a nice and healthy glow. It is super affordable and offers the same results to me as high end products
  13. Great serum


    The serum blends in seamlessly into my skin and doesn't make my skin look greasy. I mix this in with my The Ordinary L-ascorbic acid powder and the two work together really well for brightening the skin. Together they make a cheap (almost) dupe for the SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic
  14. Great


    Holy grail
    Love this. Powerful antioxidant that also makes my skin feel so hydrated.
  15. A nice bonus product


    Unfortunately this product hasn't made a staple in my routine. Its nice on occasion but that's it for me.
  16. Super ingredients!


    Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant and The Ordinary resveratrol has it as one of its 3 ingredients. I love that that's it....only 3...No messing around. You do however need a mix of antioxidants that are both water and fat soluble because free radicals attack both the fat and water part of a cell.
    This serum is greasy with a slight smell that is not strong but I prefer it for night use with Vitamin C. If I have used this at night I usual just rinse with alot of water in the morning because by then it has all sunk into my skin and I am glowing in the morning. Rinse, tone, apply spf and a BB with a transparent powder over, a touch of blush and a coat of mascara and I am good to go.
  17. Great addition to your beauty arsenal


    I mix this with the vitamin c powder at night and my skin is glowing, a beautiful addition to my growing collection of The Ordinary products. Well done for introducing this.
  18. Pair with vit c and you're set!


    This is better quality and strength than the costly brands. Mix with a vit c and you will be looking amazing in no time! My oily skin loves this consistency too.
  19. So affordable


    I put this on in the morning after my serums, but before my moisturiser (which I've added vitamin C) It goes on beautifully, but has a slightly greasier feel which not everyone likes. it also smells a bit weird, but I don't get hung up on that. Given the price and its benefits when paired with Vitamin C, I will continue to repurchase and use.
  20. Makes my skin so glowy


    I bought this as a replacement for my buffet to mix with the Ordinary 100% L-Ascorbic Acid Powder after reading a lot of reviews that recommended this mix.
    I use a half a scoop of Ascorbic acid in the palm of my hand, add five drops of this acid, mix well with my finger and apply it all over my face and neck. I use this 2-3 times a week in my PM routine. My face glows the next morning, and it has been helping with my skin tone and texture.
    Tip: Make sure you wear sunscreen the next day.
  21. Nice, but not sure if it is doing much...


    I have used this with The Ordinary Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F every morning for at least 6 months. I have not seen dramatic results. Don't get me wrong, my skin looks good while using this, but when I stopped using this for a week (ran out and was waiting for a new bottle) I didn't see a major difference... I suspect the The Ordinary Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F is doing the heavy lifting, but I have heard (I think from Gothamista on youtube) that Feulic Acid is complementary to Vitamin C and that the two work better together.
    The feel is nice, the formula is not thick or sticky and (with the Vitamin C serum) it sits very nicely under moisturiser and makeup.
    Given the price I will go ahead and keep using it for the moment. I do believe the Vitamin C serum is what is giving me the most effect and this is just a subtle booster, so if you can only get one serum for glowy, even skin, I would get the The Ordinary Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F.
  22. Much oilier solution compared to other Ordinary products


    I was really surprised at how oily this solution is. It's very heavy for someone with oily skin and normal skin. I also feel like the product does not absorb well and it feels like it just sits on my skin. It's not a sophisticated formula but for the price, I can't expect too much.
  23. Mix this and win- antioxidant dream combo!


    This is the newest addition to my ever growing regime of TO’s products and it’s truly amazing! I’ve been using 23% Vitamin C in HA Spheres for quite some time with fabulous results and I’d been contemplating adding this with some trepidation based on many reviews of saying burning, peeling etc but I did my research and believed it worth a go and it’s been well worth it. The key is mixing it with the 23% Vitamin C, I use a modest amount of the Vitamin C in HA in the palm of my hand, add three drops of this, mix well with my finger and apply all over my face and neck. I started slow with every couple of days in my AM routine with absolutely zero problems. I’m now using it daily and the results are phenomenal with improved brightness and texture, my skin just glows even more than it did with just the Vitamin C alone. I’ve got 56yo well maintained combo skin with limited fine lines for my age and I want to keep it that way for as long as possible, this combo is making that happen. I use a k-beauty HA based moisturiser then a TO combination face oils mixture and I’ve hit skin nirvana! The key to this product is mixing it, don’t use it straight, and take it slow.
  24. Fabulous product


    This serum is so good. It does exactly what it says it does & leaves the skin glowing, hydrated & soft. Use it nightly on top of your other products & you will wake up glowing. Or mix it into your moisturiser.
  25. Nice compliment to skincare routine


    I I have been using this on alternative days with TO Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F to brighten my complexion and boost skin wellness, I have also use it with no issues with DE C-Firma, I can definitely notice a difference in my skin, it is glowier and brighter. Really great for the price.
  26. Prevention


    I have combo/oily skin. I bought this to use in conjunction with Vit c 23% as a total antioxidant boost; I can’t justify the exorbitant cost of Skinceuticals CEF. For this price I think it’s a worthwhile addition to my routine and I know this is a preventative measure, just like sunscreen. The scent is a little metallic but certainly not a deterrent. Overall I’m happy with this serum!
  27. Okay


    This product is okay. It feels like an oil when you apply it. Makes my skin feel very greasy
  28. BRIGHT


    My skin is so nice after using this! It's a bit thick and kind of oily, however it does absorb if you leave it on your skin for a few minutes. I mix it in with the L-ascorbic Acid Powder from The Ordinary in my AM routine because used along with sunscreen can have a really great antioxidant effect and protect from sun damage and pollution. I love it! Brightens me up a lot along with the VitC. Was worried the Vitamin C wouldn't dissolve well in it but it does! A little abrasive at first but doesn't burn and is a good combo. Would reccomend!
  29. Antioxidant Powerhouse


    I have been using this for two weeks now. During the day, I mix it with vit C to form this super antioxidant team. It is a bit oil type texture but not really oil. It feels warm when applied but leave the skin dewy but not greasy. I apply a moisturiser and sunscreen after. No issues and works beautifully under makeup.
  30. Excellent!


    I use this mixed with a vitamin C serum and it makes a big difference! My skin is smoother, more even toned - and such a great price!
  31. Glides on Smooth


    As with any product from The Ordinary, you can expect a no-frills product that delivers great value. This goes on nice and smooth and I haven't had issues with it being absorbed to my skin (I use 3 drops to cover my face, after water based serums and before creams). Even though it doesn't contain oil it does feel oily but it hasn't caused me to break out (I have oily and acne prone skin). As for the smell? If you want something with fancy fragrance then The Ordinary just isn't for you.

    For me personally the jury is still out on the effects of a topical antioxidant. However, this is certainly doing no harm, so I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt. Even if most of the benefits were placebo effect it's making no dent in my wallet!
  32. Brightens the complexion


    I have slightly dry skin with some hyperpigmentation. I added this product in with a Vitamin C serum just to see what would happen and I was surprised how much it brightened my complexion. It definitely makes me look more glowy and hydrated. It needs a little time to sink in but that's not a big deal. Very pleased with the results and the price is incredible. Highly recommended.
  33. Bright, glowy skin in a bottle!


    Absolutely love this! My favourite The Ordinary product.
    I use it at night and wake up the next morning with brighter, glowing skin. I use a lot of The Ordinary’s products and I love all of them and use for different reasons, but I use this one the most and for such a quick and easy step in my routine it gives such great results!
    It is a little greasy going on but absorbs really quickly and as I use it at night it’s noy really a problem. I often use it with Vit C suspension and HA spheres and both together are like a super easy facial leaving skin fresh and healthy.
    Love this, will definitely keep buying!!
  34. Its ok, but not wow!


    This one didn't wow me. I wasn't fan of the scent, and it takes a while to absorb. Not sure if it did any good for my skin. But it did not harm either, not sure I would re purchase. Might be more suitable for dryer skin types.
  35. Healthy skin


    Feels a little greasy but the antioxidants are great for protecting your skin
  36. Love this!


    I bought this product after reading the reviews and have not been disappointed! I have sensitive, acne prone skin and have to be careful with what I use but this has been great. I’m a tired mum of three young kids and each day after using this product my skins looks clearer and brighter which is an amazing result for very little effort. Will definitely buy again!
  37. Good product but difficult to use


    I like the concept of this product - it can be hard to find a good quality antioxidant serum. however, the texture makes it a bit difficult to use. It feels oily and has a tendency to sit on the skin. I feel as though it may prevent any subsequent products from absorbing properly. I have used it over my moisturiser and other products and this helps a bit.
  38. very oily


    It does not contain oil but literately it is kind of oil. It is hard to be absorbed but does not cause uncomfortable feeling comparing the vitamin C products. I think it is good value and worth to give it a try.
  39. Love it


    Have only used this diluted with NMF so far but I love it! I have a lovely glow the next day and my skin feels moisturised and bouncy. Excited to use with a vitamin C product for an serious antioxidant boost!
  40. Moisture


    Take it from a senior beauty therapist, ALL The Ordinary products are of GREAT value and true cosmeceuticals. This product is great for anyone needing hydration and doesn’t mind a heavier finish after water-based serums
  41. Decent Product for the Price


    Nice product but it made my skin react and turn red. I can use it about once a week, but maybe my skin will adjust over time.
  42. Gives good glow


    I use this maybe twice a week (alternate with a retinol and vitamin c other nights, I don't like layering heaps of stuff), and follow with TO Natural Moisturising Factors, and always wake up with forehead lines reduced, and a nice even tone and texture. Will re-purchase this one for sure. Like with a few of TO products, it's best to apply this an hour or so before bed to let it sink in with other skincare so it doesn't just come off on the pillow.
  43. Enjoying this...


    I love most of the ordinary’s products, and this is no exception. I only use a TINY amount every second day, or it’s too strong for my sensitive skin. As long as I exercise caution though the results are good, it seems to add a bit of extra rosy glow to my skin. I’m mainly interested in long term anti-ageing benefits, so while it hasn’t dramatically improved my over all complexion i’ll continue to incorporate it into my routine.
  44. Leaves my skin feeling hydrated


    I really like this serum. I've been using it for months and it leaves my skin feeling plump and hydrated. I haven't noticed any noticeable difference in my skin but I'll definitely keep using it.
  45. Strong stuff but worth persisting


    This is an updated review. I first reviewed this product in April and only gave it 3 stars as it irritated my skin. I’ve since reintroduced it back into my routine very slowly and carefully as I’ve read about the powerful antioxidant hit received when you mix ferulic acid with vitamin c. I started with just one drop mixed in with my vitamin c 30% a couple of times a week and had no irritation. I’m now able to use 3 drops mixed with my vitamin c every second morning. I credit The Ordinary vitamin c 30% mixed with the resveratrol + ferulic for the most significant change to my skin in terms of tone, texture and brightness.
  46. Super Oil


    I use this with the 100% L-Ascorbic Acid Powder from The Ordinary. It feels so good after a long day, as I can feel the product working for me and brightening it!
    I also use this without the powder, on days where I just need a glow. Works so well even without make up on.
    Highly recommended x
  47. LOVE!


    Combination skin. I love this product! It works miracles on its own at the end of my nightly routine.. and really adds a kick to the 23% vitamin C. It doesn't congest my skin and I wake up with lovely, bright skin. I'll definitely be repurchasing.
  48. Amazing


    This product has a beautiful consistency, I have dry skin and it feels very hydrating. I love using it in the morning to help protect my skin from free radical damage.
  49. Cheaper than Skinceuticals


    Apparently, Ferulic acid enhances the stability of Vitamin C, particularly L-AA. So naturally after a lifetime under the Antipodean sun, I thought it would be a good idea to use as many anti0oxidants as possible on my skin, even if the results mean I only look ten minutes younger.
    I only use this every second day mixing with TO Vitamin C 23%. Personally, I can't see any difference thus far, but for my dryish skin, I assume it's going to be some kind of useful 'self-help'.
    The serum, to my nose, doesn't seem to have any discernible aroma nor does it have any textural difficulties, but hopefully it will make some kind of difference in the longer term.
  50. Nice


    Use every morning before suncreams to protect my skin from uv. It may a little bit oliy at beginning and will be better feeling after.
  51. Essential to my sincere routine


    When used with vit.c, the ferulic acid supports the skin's resistance to cell damage, so I apply every morning after my HA and Vit c, before my spf moisturiser. I've found it absorbs quickly and wasn't too oily, provided you let it soak in. A great, non-reactive antioxidant, I also sub it in instead of EUK if I'm acid toning of an evening. Nice stuff :)
  52. A good antioxidant


    I've used a lot of different vitamin c products before, but most recently decided to try this as my antioxidant. I mix a few drops into my moisturising serum each morning. It does make my face a bit more oily/shiny so I'll probably go back to vit c next time. Good value though.
  53. Antioxidant boost


    I had read about using this in conjunction with my Vit C in order to give it an antioxidant boost and therefore increase the effectiveness of the Vit C. I want to like this more than I do however I do find it quite oily despite being oil-free. It does take a while to absorb and sink into skin. I usually apply my Vit C in the morning and sometimes do not have enough time to wait for this to absorb after applying Vit C so it's often only used on weekend when I have sufficient waiting time.
  54. Interesting...


    This has an interesting texture: it seems very oily, but it has no actual oil in it whatsoever! Consequently, my skin had no problem with The Ordinary's Resveratrol 3% + Ferulic Acid 3%, despite feeling like I was slathering my face with oil. Yes, it take does quite a lot of time to absorb, so I tend to use it on a weekend when pottering around at home rather than overnight (so it doesn't end up on my pillowcase). I've only used it a couple of times so far, but have had no issues.
  55. Not right for my face unfortunately - but great for hands!


    Unfortunately I had a reaction to this product after trying it for a few nights. I think perhaps to the Ferulic acid. I now use it on the back of my hands as an antioxidant boost under my hand cream and it is working wonders!
  56. Great serum


    I use this serum 2 to 3 times a week at night before moisturiser. My skin feels hydrated and soft. The bottle will last a while as you don't need a lot of product. The only negative is the smell but it's tolerable and goes away after a minute or two.
  57. Great results


    I started using The Ordinary products about 5 months ago and have been so impressed by the results. The Resvaratrol is one I use every night. I love the warmth on the skin and have already repurchased.
  58. Very happy


    I like this very much. I’ve started using The Ordinary products 3 or 4 months ago and couldn’t be happier - my skin has never looked so good.
    I use this one morning and evening together with Matrixyl after salicylic acid (morning) and lactic acid or retinol or alpha lipoid acid (evening) and before moisturiser.
    I’ll definitely stick with it.
  59. Nice product


    This is a nice anti-oxidant that I use daily in the morning before HA serum. It feels very oily at first but absorbs quickly. I'm getting toward the end of my first bottle and am liking it. I'll probably re-buy. I am not sure that this product has made a difference to repairing/improving my skin, but more protects it from any future damage.
  60. This was unfortunately very re-active to my sensitive skin.


    I use alot of The Ordinary's products and am always looking for something extra to experiment with to add to my routine.. This one was sadly not a good fit for my sensitive skin. I use the retinols,several of the acids and ascorbyl glucoside successfully but Resveratol 3% + Ferulic Acid 3% burnt my face on application and left me with an angry red rash. I have fair skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. I also have rosacea prone skin. I've tried this twice and it isn't getting any better.I also feel the immediate heat from The Ordinarys Alpha Lipoic Acid, but I can leave it overnight and not get a rash. Each time after application I have ignored the burn for about an hour before seeing the red rash spreading over my face.. the upsetting part is that it does actually smooth out my skin texture within that hour! Damn it! So it clearly would be very effective for someone with less skin sensitivity than me looking to fix textural irregularities. T.O's products are strong and everyone who has turned into a mad scientist like I have with the skin care knows that trial and error is a part of the process. Sadly its not for moi' but would still recommend to those of a less sensitive persuasion.
  61. I really wanted to like this!


    I love so many of TO’s products, but unfortunately this is not one of them. I’m used to retinoids, Vit C, various acid exfoliants etc, and my skin isn’t particularly sensitive. This product caused instant blotchy redness and excessive warmth, even after mixing 2 drops with my usual moisturiser. I tried to give it another go a few days later, but my skin instantly reacted and I looked
    years older with inflammation and wrinkles I didn’t know I had!
    The Resveratrol and ferulic components are double the recommended strength, which is harsh enough, but this product is also 90% propanediol which is used as an aid to penetration, and I think this is more of a problem than the active ingredients (at least for me).
    This is definitely one product that needs to come in sample sizes, to see if your skin reacts badly. Inflammation is never good!
  62. A Great Little Serum Booster !


    Only 2 weeks in and I'm enjoying using this product alone, or mixing it with the same brand Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2% for a double boost.

    It seems oily on application however it just glides on my oily & dehydrated skin smoothly and sinks right in leaving my skin looking dewey and healthy. Will definitely be a repurchased product !
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