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The Ordinary “Buffet” + Copper Peptides 1% 30ml

4.4 of 79 reviews


4 instalments of $12.00


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4 instalments of $12.00


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The Ordinary “Buffet” + Copper Peptides 1% is an updated and enhanced version of the original “Buffet” serum. Designed to target multiple signs of ageing, this multi-technology peptide serum is also formulated with 1% pure Copper Peptides to support overall skin health.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

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GREAT - 89% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary “Buffet” + Copper Peptides 1%

The Ordinary “Buffet” + Copper Peptides 1%

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4.4 of 79 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



This has helped my fine lines a lot and has helped my complexion in so many ways. Will buy again

Most Helpful Criticism



I purchased this product because i loved the original buffet serum. I loved this product heaps although i find it made my skin feel just as great as the normal buffet. Not scented that much so that was great and would purchase again
  1. Great


    This has helped my fine lines a lot and has helped my complexion in so many ways. Will buy again
  2. Nice product


    Ive been using this product for 4 weeks, morning only. Unsure if it is making that much of a difference as i am also using retinol, but i find with a moisturiser on top it leaves my skin smooth and provides a nice base for make up. Unsure if i wpuld purchase again given the price, but i am keen on trying the cheaper formula of buffet to compare.
  3. The Buffet


    I have used the original Buffet for quite awhile and loved it so I thought I would upgrade and try this version. The verdict is I love it! Within a couple of days I noticed my dehydrated winter skin looks much smoother and more even toned and I’m very impressed and will continue to use this product and will repurchase.
  4. Love it


    I feel like this makes my skin so hydrated and dewy. I'm not completely convinced that it is entirely essential but I do love it. A bit expensive but I do really like it
  5. A must have product!


    I used the original ‘Buffet’ and was unsure whether the price difference for the copper peptides version was worth it. It is! I use it with my dermal roller once a week and it has dramatically improved my results. The next day my skin is plumper and brighter. It absorbs quickly and a little goes a long way so a bottle will last for ages.
  6. Worth a try


    I was looking for a hyaluronic serum and decided to give this a go after reading reviews, as the ordinary was a more affordable product with multiple benefits. I am happy with it so far, my skin is feeling smooth and hydrated and hope it will help with fine lines over time. Serum is blue on colour and a slight metallic scent with the copper, absorbs easily and feels great
  7. Another great product from The Ordinary


    Loving this so far. Using it at opposite times of the day to my The Ordinary Vit C powder, which I mix with the Ferulic/Resveratrol. Definitely feel like my fine lines around my eyes are starting to soften. Not sure if it’s worth the extra dollars for the copper peptides, as I hadn’t used the straight Buffet before. Loving everything from The Ordinary, it really suits my skin...and wallet! :)
  8. Quality Product!


    Loved this product, was using the ordinary buffet but wanted something a little stronger. So glad I purchased this, made my skin hydrated and instantly felt the results, easy to apply and so easy to add into my daily skin routine!
  9. No Frills luxury!


    I swear by this product! I first bought the original buffet sceptical of how much such a cheap product can offer. Two bottles after and my skin looked more fresh , plumped and radiant than never before. Buffet Cooper peptides went a level up, enhancing my skin hydration and even improving my skin tone. The original brand demolished the say ‘what you pay is what you get’ !
  10. Tightens the skin


    I have definitely noticed an improvement in fine lines around the eyes. Has made my skin feel firmer.
  11. Wrinkles be gone


    I thought I’d try this as I really liked the Ordinary Buffet and this one has Copper peptides which really pack a punch on those fine lines/wrinkles. Only a small amount is needed for my whole face and I applying after cleansing and before my moisturiser. I can honestly say I’m left with smooth line free skin which is fantastic considering I’m nearly 50!
  12. Love this


    Oh I love this one! Slightly sticky residue, but my skin feels so soft and firm. Great for under makeup. Doesn't clog my pores
  13. Great product


    I love this product and have just bought my second bottle.
  14. The original is still the best


    After using the regular buffet for about a year, I thought i'd try this. I honestly didn't notice any difference in this from the regular one. Given this is more expensive, I've decided to stick to the regular buffet
  15. All the serums you need in one


    Love this, brightened my skin. Easy to apply, nice texture! Definitely recommend!
  16. Healing my skin after aggressive peel


    I previously had only used buffet, and thought it was ok. After getting a peel which was a little too aggressive for my skin, I was recommended to try a copper peptide. This one was a bit cheaper than the alternate and I thought I would give it a go, though expensive for TO. I have been using it two weeks and my skin is looking really healthy. Sensitive patches really have improved, and now I am worried about stopping it. All I am using right now is this and TO matrixyl, oil and hyalurolic, plus moisturiser and my skin is the best it has been in a while.
  17. Instant hydration


    I purchased this as vitamin C can irritate my skin if I use it too often. This is hydrating but light enough to not cause pesky outbreaks. I find this woks well under my moisturizer and sunscreen. It also pairs well with my retinol serum. Very runny consistency that could easily be mixed with a moisturizer. My skin looks and feels hydrated, I will continue to purchase
  18. “Buffet” + Copper Peptides


    This product works nicely to plump and hydrate. Is lightweight and non greasy. I saw results within the first week of use.
  19. works great


    Great for anti ageing, it seems to have softened out my major fine lines and wrinkles (only just enough to make a difference)
    It does take a while to see any results and I have been using other Ordinary products so its probably a combination of all that gives the results.
  20. Loved


    I purchased this product because i loved the original buffet serum. I loved this product heaps although i find it made my skin feel just as great as the normal buffet. Not scented that much so that was great and would purchase again
  21. The Ordinary “Buffet” + Copper Peptides 1%


    Light weight and the perfect all rounder. The Ordinary are a stand out product for me, I don't think they make a product I do not like and most of them I love, because they work.
  22. Good for skin


    I definitely prefer this buffet over the other ordinary buffet. This leaves my face looking smoother, plumper and it has helped with my acne. Like it!


    This is a must have for anyone with anti-aging concerns and it suits all skin types!! I swear on copper peptides. I had slight smile and fine lines on my forehead but with this product they have basically been 'buffed' out, no false advertising here. I use every night when not using an exfoliant or other specialised treatment.
  24. Works really well


    I love the ordinary. This makes my skin more even, smooth, toned, and soft! An amazing product for the price and lasted a fair while considering the size of the bottle!
  25. Both Buffets are great but this is better!


    I have combination skin with occasional pimples and scarring/ marks from past acne. I’ve used both buffets from the ordinary, whilst both are good and do what’s described, I much prefer the copper peptide as I definitely notice the higher collagen production and calming effect from this extra ingredient. I have used other copper peptide serums in the past which led me to getting this but it is fantastic to use after peels, exfoliation, dermarolling and a just a dry skin day for your skin as well as general use and it fantastic for moisturise, general healthy appearance of skin, mark reduction, fine lines, soothing and relief. If it my favourite all rounder serum and always makes my skin calm and not so red which I love! If you are willing to fork out the money I say 100% go for it.
  26. Good so far


    I’ve only been using this product for the last fortnight but I’ve noticed a difference with how fast my hormonal pimples heal up! Only a few tiny drops are necessary so a little goes a long way. Quick absorbing, I always follow it with HA and some moisturiser as it does create quite a tight feeling after application. I’ll continue to keep this product in my skincare routine!
  27. love!


    Copper is a wonderful & scientifically backed molecule when it comes to collagen building and anti-aging. Unfortunately, a minority of the population don’t react well to it. If your skin can’t tolerate copper than use the line’s Buffet serum without it but please don’t rate the product poorly because you aren’t able to tolerate it. Fortunately for me, copper products aren’t an issue. This product plumps/smooths like the original buffet but with the added benefit that copper provides which is long term collagen growth and a greater permanency in some of that plumpness. For me the formulation is elegant, fast absorbing, and non-irritating. I use it at night but have used in the AM a few times and have never had issues with makeup application afterwards. Nearly double the price because there’s copper in it but still a super well priced compared to other products with this much copper in it. If they keep making it I’ll keep buying it! Less
  28. Wonderful all-rounder serum


    This is a light texture, super hydrating and helps with redness, spots (especially after extractions). It is soothing and plumping. 100% recommend, and fine to use day and night, and under makeup. I've noticed my skin to be more glowy and hydrated after one use, I can't wait to see what it does after a month.
  29. Great


    The best serum I'vr ever used.
    Just only a month and I can see the difference on my face. My fineline and dark spots are faded, my face looks really glow. I have problem from scar pit on my cheek and I feel that the skin is smoother than before, it minimises the pores as well. Love it and will purchase again.
  30. Anti-Aging Wonder Serum


    I've been using the regular Buffet serum for a while, which was good, but I was curious about the version with Copper Peptides. Within 10 days, the difference in the firmness of my skin is amazing! I put my hand up to my face and was shocked by how much firmer it felt. I would never go back to the regular Buffet serum, even though it is a very good product. This is worth every cent!
  31. Love it


    Im enjoying this product because it seems simple and im loving the results from one product rather than a cupboard full.
  32. Interesting product


    My skin's appearance has definitely improved since using this product. And was curious when I read another review that said it helped with wound-healing - I would have to agree it does seem to speed up the process. I have oily skin and find if I use this, plus a heavier moisturizer, I get very oily quickly through the day. But I am still finding my balance with including this gem into my daily routine. Plus the blue colour is fun to apply! All in all, I'm happy!
  33. Good Serum


    Good serum for the price, have noticed a slightly more calming effect on my skin compared to the normal Buffet serum. Maybe not worth the price difference though.
  34. Kills multiple birds with one stone


    I purchased this for the copper as I was told it helps heal broken acne fast. It’s works. Wounds heal much quicker than usual and is cheaper than a lot of straight copper serums. I use it at night only. Will purchase again.
  35. the most expensive one around The ordinary


    Until now, it's the most pricy one serum in this brand. Blue colour serum, based on the basic Buffet serum. It works and good feeling. General speaking, it is a great serum.
    But I don't find the big difference between it and the basic buffet one. Twice price, I think I will repurchase the cheaper buffet.
  36. Nice.. but would stick to Buffet


    I liked this and am still using it. I think its a good serum, but not sure if its any better than the buffet serum, which is half the price. Unsure if I'll buy this one again, or just stick to the buffet.
  37. Great serum


    This was one of the first TO products I ever tried and I loved it! I've since purchased the normal Buffet (without copper peptides) and it works just as well, so given that it is a third of the price of this one, I'll probably stick to that one going forward. This is still a great product but I'd rather spend less money where I can if I'm going to get the same great results from it. I did find this one left my skin stickier than the normal Buffet, but I mainly used it before bed so it didn't bother me.
  38. Pricey but worth it


    I love using this serum after skin treatments such as microneedling. The copper peptide content really calms the skin down and is not as expensive as other copper peptide serums I have seen previously. It is much pricier than the normal buffet, but for the copper peptide content to use after skin treatments, it's definitely worth it.
  39. Wont be reordering


    Not a fan. For the price, expected much more noticeable effects. Love this brand and use many of their products but felt this was overpriced and did not notice significant improvement.
  40. Didn't rock my world.


    I purchased this version of Buffet instead of the normal one on a whim. I expected to notice a bigger different than I did. It hydrates and plumps my skin well.
    The serum due to the Copper is blue and smells metallic, which may put some people off. Given the price different between this and the regular buffet, I do not think its does enough. I did not however notice any difference between this and the regular buffet. I will not be repurchasing this.
  41. Worked great for my dry skin


    Birth control had made my skin go dry and this was a great serum in place of a great high end one I had previously used. Since being off BC and back to having a very oily acne-prone face it doesn't suit quite as well, as it's a bit too heavy. Nice for the price.
  42. Amazing


    I'm almost 40 and have needed to change my skin care and am loving the results of this product.


    I love this especially after I get a skin treatment it calms my skin. I use this a couple of times a week and it is definitely worth using. I got recommended another brand but I found this is the best value for money love love love it
  44. You get what you pay for


    I apply this serum after toner and it absorbs super fast and doesn't feel heavy ( I have combination and oily skin). The effects are rather limited and in general just lays foundation for the further cream. But the price is there and you won't have too high expectation from it. For those who haven't tried it before, I would recommend to have a go.
  45. Excellent!


    I love this product! I care a lot about my skincare and have a regimen but, when I don't have much time, this product or the original Buffet is all I need with a moisturiser. I have normal/dry skin and in my early 30s and love it!
  46. Good, but not sure if its Great?


    I liked this and am still using it. I think its a good serum, but not sure if its any better than the buffet serum, which is half the price. Unsure if I'll buy this one again, or just stick to the buffet.
  47. Noticeable effects


    I love this serum and notice my skin looks healthier the next morning. I do forget to use this as often as I would like however, as I have many other Ordinary products I use that I am wary should not be mixed with this particular product. In saying that, I find this product contributes to overall skin health and helps to even my skin tone. I have sun damage and some acne scars on my forehead that I bought this product to use for. I find this is more effective for me than traditional Buffet.
  48. Good, but not great


    Like the other buffet serum, this does a good underlying support for your skin but the effect isn't really obvious. For the price, I didn't feel like this did enough, so I would recommend the original buffet serum or a great retinol product.
  49. Really good!


    I use this twice daily, especially after cosmetic procedures such as micro needling. The serum really works to heal, clear and brighten skin. Worth it!
  50. Definitely helps healing of wounds


    I apply this in the AM once every 2 days. I’m alternating between this and salicylic acid otherwise I would use it every day. Being 25 I wasn’t looking for an anti-aging product, but more so a preventative method. As I started using multiple products in the ordinary range at the same time I can’t say if it helped with fine lines, but when I put it on over an acne spot it definitely seems to clear it up faster.
  51. Great Product


    I use this daily in the morning after cleansing before other hydration serums. It's fantastic. My skin seems clearer and brighter.
  52. New for me but I love


    I only recently added this peptide serum to my skincare routine after my clinician suggested I do. I love the formulation of this - it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a nasty smell. I wait 30 seconds before applying further serums as per The Ordinary’s recommendation. So far a great addition to my routine!
  53. Skin has never looked so good!


    Would definitely recommend this product! My skin has improve dramatical since starting to use this product skin tone and wrinkles all improving. Has made me more confident to spend my day makeup less.
  54. Love the quality.


    The Ordinary “Buffet” + Copper Peptides 1% absorbs beautifully into my skin, I have only been using it for a week but I can already see the benefits.
  55. Pricey


    What I love about the ordinary is the simple, effective and inexpensive products. I feel like this one is overpriced and the extra ingredient isn’t worth paying so much more than the original buffet.
  56. Great serum


    I prefer this more than the original buffet. It’s a great serum and layers really well under my make up.
    It is a bit tacky and sticky going on and smells quite funky but overall a really good product.
  57. Give it some time


    I purchased this product because my skin was more dehydrated than usual and none of my usual products were working. At first this serum seemed to be working too well, making my face feel oily and clogged. But after about 1 week of applying it morning and night, my skin adjusted and now it is more balanced than its ever been! It feels soft and supple, make up looks dewy and fresh, and I've been getting compliments on my "glowy" complexion! I'm glad I stuck at it through that first week - a small price to pay for the great benefits I'm now enjoying!
  58. Nice all-in-one serum


    I use a few of The Ordinary's serums, always pleased with the results. After a month or more of using this product I think the cost is quite high compared to others in this brand... Which isn't a bad thing, but while its anti-aging effects and the restorative copper peptides are very effective, I can achieve similar results by using a combination of other serums from this range (which even with 2-3 different bottles are still a cheaper option)

    If I had to pick a single, go-to serum it would be this one. Useful if you want to have a simple beauty routine. But I can just as easily use a combination of Niacinamide and Hyaluronic acid at night, and vitamin c during the day (plus intermittent retinol) to get almost the same benefits

    In order to really test this product I put aside my normal skin care regimen for a week and just used this Copper Peptide Buffet. It's not too tacky and so long as its used sparingly it layers well. But it may not be necessary if you already have a skin routine with a few complimentary serums

    Certainly a nice product though
  59. love it!


    Though a bit tacky it is a great value and has a lovely effect on the skin it seems to blend well with other ha serum new to use but shall keep using as it is really giving a nice plumpness and even texture to my skin
  60. UPDATE: Bad reaction


    An update on my previous review. I suffer from small amounts of contact dermatitis on my ring fingers, but nothing elsewhere. Recently I’d developed three patches of it on my face for the first time, either side of my nose and my forehead. I cut out all my skincare and started adding things back one by one - guess what brought it back immediately? This stuff. Use with caution if you suffer from even the mildest dermatitis or eczema.
  61. Like


    I prefer this to the original Buffet. The texture is more liquid but not too runny at all.
    The previous reviewer stated the smell of vinegar. I have not found this. But I have noticed that a lot of the ordinary serums seem to change from one bottle to another.
    It does sting but goes away quickly. It goes well under moisturiser and does not pill.
    I like using it,have not seen any results yet but I have only been using it for a couple of weeks.
  62. Incredible value


    It's the original Buffet and NIOD CAIS (copper peptides) put together! It saves me a bottle to have it in one - a fantastic combination at a phenomenal price.

    I've now been using copper peptides for nearly two years - it's a staple in my regimen. I noticed a refinement in texture within the first few weeks, my pores look smaller, my skin is more even and smooth. I definitely notice that my hyper-pigmentation is less obvious too. I did go up to the higher percentage new version of NIOD CAIS but really didn't notice any improvement so dropped back to this 1% solution; it's more affordable and I think, after long-term use, I'm probably maintaining at this point.

    The Buffet part I've been using since it first came out. It's a fantastic product - an array of anti-ageing ingredients all in one affordable serum. I don't really have too many noticeable signs of ageing yet (phew!) so I use this as a preventative measure. That said, I have found that the serum has plumped my skin and, of course, the HA is hydrating.

    I use an array of products from The Ordinary and my skin has never been better. This serum is one I use twice a day and, along with retinol, I think it would benefit most skin types. It's definitely one to consider
  63. Plump and hydrates my skin


    I decided to give this product a go because the rest of my skin regime is targeted at my acne and I figured I should add something for anti-ageing. I definitely think my fine lines and wrinkles are less obvious and I look more hydrated... What I am unsure about is if it is worth double the price of the original buffet? having not tried the original I do wonder if the copper peptides make it worth the jump in price. I may try the original version next time to test this out.
  64. Not sure


    I bought it as upgrade from the original Buffet. I used it for a month now. I find it smells like a vinegar. It stings first a little bit when I apply it to my face, but quickly disappears. The texture is sticky. So far I'm not sure if it does more to my skin than the original Buffet. I'll finish the bottle, but probably won't repurchase it.
  65. good one !


    My mother's Buffet white bottle has ran out so I want to buy another bottle for her. This time I searched for The Ordinary Buffet and this bottle popped up, and I wanted to try it out as it has peptide in it. My mother seems to like it, and it works, so we are going to stick with this bottle from now on.
  66. Good


    The color is the same as the niod, is a blue serum, a bit less watery than the niod one but I think is very similar and cheaper. For me is a dupe and both brands belong to the same company.
  67. Leaves little black balls of dead skin on face.


    I love The Ordinary. My entire routine is uses their products. So when this beefed up take on Buffet caught my eye I bought it immediately. Unfortunately I’ll be going back to the original once I’m done with this bottle. Results seem the same, no major differences thanks to the addition of the copper peptides. But it’s the balls of dead skin that it exfoliates then sticks to my face I can’t handle. I wash, exfoliate, even dermaplane my skin and every time I use this it gathers up any tiny residual gunk and then as the serum dries, it becomes very hard to remove. I have to scrub my skin with a dry towel or use my nail to scrape it off. Usually balls up along my jaw line and cheeks. Use with caution!
  68. My skin has improved after only one week


    I use this in combination with lactic acid serum. Skin looks more hydrated and might be a coincidence but it is gently drawing out impurities. Not massive breakout just clearing. I’ve used many brands and this one is a standout. Some products feel as though they sit on top of skin whereas this is absorbed and improves texture.
  69. Best purchase ever


    It’s best skin care serum!! Will keep continue to use.
  70. Great serum


    I have acne prone skin and this serum moisturises and plumps my skin without aggravating my acne or breaking me out. I am in love! I mix a few drops of this with one drop of the ordinary's niacinamide serum at night :) I do not use this in the morning as I use a vitamin C serum before sun exposure and The ordinary has advised against mixing L-ascorbic acid with this product.
  71. Amazing!!!


    This serum is really beautiful. From the gorgeous blue colour to the amazing ingredients. Have only been using it a week and have only just begun to notice a difference in my skin. I really can't wait to see the results with continued use. I find that it absorbs really well too but sometimes there can be a little stickiness after it dries but not much.
  72. The BEST All Round Serum


    This is without a doubt the very best serum to use prior to makeup application for skin smoothness and long term skin health.
    My skin is smoother and I swear wrinkles are decreased. I look younger now than 10 years ago and this is a result of using The Ordinary range.
    I use a combination of different products from The Ordinary in the mornings and evenings. I apply 'Buffet + Copper Peptides 1%' in the morning after 'Matrixyl 10%' and 'Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5'.
    I have adjusted the amount I use and I am finding I need less than when I started. I put this down to healthier skin that is now absorbing the products better.
  73. Love it


    I have used this for two weeks now with no adverse effects.
    It is on the sticky side in my opinion. Not at all oily though. I have acne prone/oily skin. Too soon to see results, but I like it. :)
  74. Feels good, yet to see dramatic results


    Using in conjunction with Hylamide Sensitive serum to better Rosacea prone skin. Feels better than the original Buffet serum and having less flair ups but am unsure if its the Hylamide or this serum. Will continue to use to help build skin strength up.
  75. will use with my derma roller~


    Been trying to find a affordable copper serum for a while to use with my derma roller! this will be interesting!
  76. Rave


    So much rave behind this so I just had to try this. I've tried this a little bit that's already made a difference. My skin actually feels and even looks smoother and softer. So happy with this.
  77. Awesome


    I bought this the minute it was released by The Ordinary! I have been using NIOD's copper peptide serum for a while and became hooked, and would follow it up with The Ordinary's Buffet. So needless to say, having CP in the Buffet serum itself sounded too good to be true! I really love this serum, but I'm not 100% sure if it is as effective as applying NIOD's CAIS first, followed by Buffet. I could be imagining this, but “Buffet” + Copper Peptides 1% doesn't seem to have the same results, or it could just be that my skin has adapted to copper peptides by this point and I'm not noticing such a difference? Who knows? It's still a great product!
  78. Amazing


    I haven't tried the original version of the Buffet, but I was intrigued to try this one with the Copper. It is ah-mazing! From the first use, my skin looked so fresh and felt super smooth. I thought I was imagining things, but I can't wait to put this on morning and night because it makes my skin look and feel so nice. Definitely recommend this one!
  79. 'Buffet' goes 'a la carte'

    Laura M

    I have been waiting for this new addition since its release and was so happy when I discovered AdoreBeauty had it in stock. Immediately it's Copper' blue makes a good impression and I feel it has a better absorption and firming affect than its former self. I will admit I am more 'precious' now with how much I use- strictly 3/4 drops for my face, neck and decolletage. I have tried alot of The Ordinary products which I love however I could eliminate a couple easily with this in the mix, now. Overall I think Buffet + Copper Peptides 1% helps my 50+ skin feel healthier, more resilient and tighter (even my pores!!)
    According to Deciems web page Buffet with the added Copper Peptides among other benefits "supports a wide range of skin health functions like maintaining normal immune function, collagen synthesis, fibroblast production and anti-inflammatory responses" Definitely worth the extra $, I will buy again - love it!
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