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The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil 30ml

4.6 of 248 reviews


4 instalments of $4.73


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4 instalments of $4.73


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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Sensitivity and redness
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

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4.6 of 248 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Rosehip oil
I’m really happy with this product in the short time I’ve been using it. It is quite heavy so I need to use sparingly due to acne prone skin. Great is you’re looking for a cheap but high quality rosehip oil!

Most Helpful Criticism

Too heavy for my face but not my hands
I found this oil to be a bit too heavy for my skin and it cause a little bit of congestion and small breakouts. Although it wasn't suitable for my face, I now add it to my hand cream and it's makes it silky and extra smooth.
  1. Rosehip oil

    I’m really happy with this product in the short time I’ve been using it. It is quite heavy so I need to use sparingly due to acne prone skin. Great is you’re looking for a cheap but high quality rosehip oil!
  2. A must have in my routine

    In summer I thought this stuff was incredible. My skin honestly looked the best it ever has! But as winter came in, I started breaking out and I think it just wasn’t enough for my skin. I find that it only works when I mix it into my moisturiser. But I absolutely love it and can see such a huge difference in the plumpness and bounce in my skin. Fantastic quality and works wonders!
  3. Great and affordable

    Love this rose hip oil mostly for the quality and price. There are a lot of rose hip oils on the market but I keep buying this one as it seems to do a great job and is inexpensive
  4. Can’t go wrong!

    Absolutely love adding rosehip oil to my facial moisturizer at night. At this price point and quality you really can’t go wrong.
  5. Lovely

    this oil is such an amazing product! ever since using it I have felt my skin is much softer and has a much more glowey, dewy look. This product is easy to apply to your face as well and dosn't stay sticky on the face.
  6. Personally prefer argan oil

    Personally prefer argan oil for my oily tzone and dry cheek skin. But nevertheless, this product is GREAT for locking in the skincare products used before applying this oil
  7. Drops of gold

    You honestly need no more than 2 drops to do your entire face and it leaves you with a nice glow. It doesn't completely sink into your face but what oil does? I'm super hydrated in the morning and I'm excited to see the benefits in the future as I've only been using it for the last 3 weeks.
  8. Moisturising without feeling like an oil slick

    I love this oil. I’ve used products before that I’ve either poured too much on or it’s been mixed with other ingredients and it’s left me feeling too oily and greasy, but the dropper and pure oil is perfect before bed and there’s no residue left in the morning.
  9. Great for the winter

    This is a really beautiful formula, feels rich yet it is light. Make sure to pop on a few drops as the final step in your routine
  10. Love it

    I have acne prone/combination skin. I use this product every morning, adding it into my moisturizer. This is definitely one of my favourite oil, it helps with my pigmentation. Definitely recommend.
  11. Great for a hydration boost

    I alternate between this and Marula oil. I love layering this on top of my night moisturiser and my face looks so hydrated and plump the next morning.
  12. Trusty rose hip oil

    I love this brand and this product. It is great after my night creams for a glowing and plump complexion in the morning. I alternate this and their other organic oils.
  13. Must have!

    This product is one of my must-haves and is one of my favourites. I have normal skin that is easily hydrated and I use this most evenings to encourage plump skin and minimise my fine lines. It's a great price and is something I've already encouraged friends to use
  14. Awesome

    i enjoyed the scent and found it calmed down my oil products and pimples, after around 2 weeks of applying it every night, highly recommend
  15. Great oil

    This oil is great, nice rich orange colour and the classic rose hip oil scent (which is nothing like roses by the way.

    I use the oil at night either instead of or as well as moisturiser.

    Makes skin soft and it’s working towards reducing acne scars and tone irregularities
  16. A nightly ritual

    I use this rose hip oil as part of my PM skin regimen after serums but before moisturiser. A drop on my forehead, each cheek and neck is plenty to coat all in between. I allow it to absorb for a few minutes before applying my night cream, moisture is locked in without making my pores feel clogged. I always get compliments on my “glowing” skin. Sometimes if I’m feeling extra after I wash my face I run a face washer under really hot water, ring it out then apply a few drops of the rose hip oil over the washer and lay it over my face and inhale deeply before gently wiping my face with the washer. It feels like a lil mini aromatherapy facial/very luxurious. Great price for the oil too!
  17. Great!

    I use this every night as a moisturiser and it’s such a nice oil. You only need 2-3 drops for your face and it soaks in quite nicely and softens my skin for the morning. It’s also helped even out my skin tone as I get a lot of sun exposure.
  18. So good!

    Love this product! I have really sensitive skin and as soon as I apply this my skin instantly feels less irritated. You really only need a small amount, it goes a long way
  19. awesome

    use this at night! Great for deep moisture surge on my face, hands and hair!
  20. great!

    My skin is so sensitive and has crazy reactions immediately. So I’ve only used this oil one night and already I can feel a difference in the best way possible. It is a thicker oil, but not as thick as I was anticipating. The oil absorbs into your skin and has a natural earthy scent. I pressed in three drops all over my face and neck as the last step. I also rubbed some onto my hands. I’ve tried so many oils: Kiehl’s midnight recovery and daytime concentrate, Josie maran argan oil, biossance rose vitamin c squalene, boscia tsubaki (I really adore and wish they carried at Sephora again), maracuja tarte and countless more.. this oil is definitely my top 3 favorites of all time. Funny how it’s one of the cheaper oils and I love it so much. Those other oils I named are near and dear to my heart but this rosehip seed oil is exceptionally nourishing. I want to put it all over my body. Side note: this is the first oil I wouldn’t recommend for all over use, I would only use for face, neck and hands or anywhere you want lots of moisture... but might be too thick for hair. Greasy is NOT how I would describe this oil in the least. It’s definitely not a dry or light oil either, not heavy.. truly a unique consistency that delivers a lot of moisturizing benefits. I would also only use at night or during the daytime on a really cold dry day. Less
  21. Love

    I love the ordinary. This makes my skin more even, smooth, toned, and soft! An amazing product for the price and lasted a fair while considering the size of the bottle!
  22. A good rosehip oil

    Good value for money! rosehip oils are all pretty similar but this one is a good price for what you get. Would recommend to only use 1-2 drops or its too oily and can give you breakouts overnight
  23. good but started causing breakouts

    At first I loved this oil. After using tretinoin at night to treat my acne on my cheeks and having peeling skin, this oil helped peel off the flaky skin and made my make up go on flawless and look flawless, but after using it for a month I have noticed breakouts on my forehead which I normally didn't have. So I may start using this oil for my neck.
  24. High quality!!

    The quality of this rosehip oil is probably one of the best that I’ve tried, if not the best. But that being said, I’ve also found organic, cold pressed rosehip oil at my chemist for slightly cheaper and of a very similar quality, but slightly less that the ordinary one. I think I would just continue to buy it from my chemist instead as I go through bottles of these like water.
  25. Great final step

    I use this as my final step in my pm routine. It absorbs quickly which leaves my face feeling hydrated and comfortable.
  26. very good moisturising

    great for dry skin. it gives instant hydration and soothes redness on the skin

    I cannot live without this oil and have continued to purchase this for over a year now. I had excessively oily skin and I read that using a face oil instead of a normal cream moisturiser, could improve my oily face... and it did just that! My skin is now hydrated and glowing. It soaks in so well when applied and you only need a tiny bit, and it lasts ages! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
  28. Great

    This is the best thing for skin that gets hella dry. Just 3-4 drops at night and my skin feels plump bouncy. Works for my sister too, who has dry skin. A little of this each night does the trick. It should melt into the skin fairly quickly for figuring out the right amount is key. Definitely repurchasing.
  29. Versatile little bottle

    This is the final step in my nightly routine. Cleanse, Buffet, Retinol, Rose Hip Oil.

    But - Rose Hip oil everywhere. Face, neck, hands, cuticles and soul.

    4 little drops on my finger tips, rubbed together and pressed into my face, a tiny bit more around the eyes. I wake up plumped and hydrated, not shiny.

    There is a tonne of product for the price.My hands and cuticles have never looked better.

    NB* This product arrived leaking with a hole in the plastic dropper component. A replacement was sent by Adore the very same day and I just wanted to say again how much I appreciate Adore as a company and their customer service.
  30. Rose Hip for Cleansing

    I've started using this product as my first cleanse at night and it is so amazing at getting all my makeup off! It is really gentle and smells lovely too.
  31. Lovely oil for face and hands!

    I love this oil! I do use it on my face occasionally but really love it on my hands and especially my nails. I found that it has drastically improved my cuticle and nail health!
  32. Feels amazing on the skin

    I have been a long time user of Rosehip Oils as part of my skincare routine and can definitely recommend this one, feels lovely on the skin and absorbs quickly without leaving a heavy lingering smell like some oils can.
  33. I love this product

    This is great for the end of my regime.

    I’ve been using this for a week and it soothes my skin at the end of my routine.

    Highly recommend
  34. Simply beautiful

    Gorgeous little product and beautiful price point! I use this every night- 4 little drops pressed into the skin after my serum and before moisturiser. Finer lines are getting finer! My skin looks anazing

    I use this for my body and face! it helps me with my scarring and dry skin.
  36. Great

    Gentle and soothing for face or body but a few drops is enough.
  37. A fantastic natural moisturiser

    Skin type - oily/combination
    Age - mid 30s
    I love this. Despite having oily skin that is prone to congestion, my skin loves this rose hip oil. I only use it at night, as it does leave my skin shiny, as well as a slight residue, but not enough to leave marks on my pillowcase. It is a heavier product than other rose hip oils I've used in the past, but I feel this reflects the high quality.
    A little goes a long way - I only use about 3-4 drops for my whole face and neck - which is plenty - and left on my fingertips, I rub into my hands.
    It's the final step in my night time regime, and as I alternate between products that can be drying (retinol, lipioc acid, glycolic acid), I find it balances these out and keeps my skin hydrated. I don't feel that it congests my skin at all, but that could be because I'm using it in conjunction with other products that combat that.
  38. The absolute best facial oil

    I am prone to having dry skin and coming into Melbourne's winter I feel well prepared! I use about three drops, rub my hands together and press all over my face, neck, and decolletage. I do this after applying my night cream. It can feel a little greasy but it's only for a short while. It works wonders while I sleep and I use a designer quilt cover set and I have had no worries about stains or marks. Some people have stated that they do not like the scent of this oil as it does smell a little earthy but that disappears quite quickly too. I will repurchase when I run out! I highly recommend!
  39. One of my faves

    I've been using this oil for about six weeks. Not going to lie, I was hesitant. I rub a few drops between my fingers and then press the oil into my face. I always do this last in my routine, over my night cream. I did not break out at all and my face did not feel like an oil slick the following morning. It is so nourishing. I was hesitant o buy this because of the reviews stating that this oil had an unpleasant aroma. It is a very earthy kind of scent but dissipates quickly. I'm glad to be heading into Winter with this!
  40. Too heavy for my face but not my hands

    I found this oil to be a bit too heavy for my skin and it cause a little bit of congestion and small breakouts. Although it wasn't suitable for my face, I now add it to my hand cream and it's makes it silky and extra smooth.
  41. Excellent product!

    Loving my soft skin and does not feel heavy or oily! I use this product at night only.
  42. Not sure if I am loving it yet

    As it is a very rich oil, I haven't loved the feel of it on my skin thus far. This could potentially be due to the changes in my skin care routine and it may be a bit too much. I am trying to reduce the number of drops used but it leaves my skin a little too sticky after application. I may try mixing it with some other products as I do think it is great for my skin, but just a bit much for me on its own.
  43. Literally love

    I use this as part of my night skin care routine. This has helped reduce redness and a major plus is the price point. You can't beat it.
  44. Cheap and effective

    I found this to be a great night time oil and very affordable, like the majority of The Ordinary products. Over time, I found my skin became less oily and the texture improved with the extra hydration. Highly recommend!
  45. Can't live without

    I have combination to oily skin (T section) and I'm in my late 20's.

    I use this every night, alternating with the Squalane oil as well. Has worked wonders for my skin! I wake up with smooth, supple and brighter skin. Some people may notice the smell to the oil, but I quite like it and it goes away anyway once it absorbs.

    Oils also help with wrinkles! Add it to your routine!
  46. Lovely moisturizing oil

    This is a lovely moisturizing rose hip oil that leaves my normal-combination skin moisturized but not oily. I just need one drop of this for all over the face, and it is perfect for winter.
  47. Love this stuff!

    I was a bit apprehensive to try this oil because of the reviews regarding its scent! It does have an earthy kind of scent which doesn't bother me however, I understand that it may bother others. I have very sensitive and sometimes dry skin (especially coming into Melbourne Winter) This oil is amazing for my kind of skin! Plus I just hit the age of 40 so hydration is very important to me! My skin drinks in this oil. I add a few drops (that's all you will need) after applying my night cream. It does feel very greasy (hey, it is an oil after all!) but it didn't make me break out. My skin is already feeling amazingly moisturized and I will forever use this oil now! I must say I am so impressed with The Ordinary too! I've used so many brands from Jurlique to Dermalogica (and I will continue to use my faves) and I have been blown away by some of The Ordinary's products.
  48. Moisturizing and doesn't block pores

    This is a great product - it moisturises amazingly and doesn't block my pores (as some oil-based products do). However, as I have oily skin, after I apply this my skin looks very shiny (almost greasy). I therefore recommend using this at night if you also have oily skin.
  49. Wow! So hydrating and amazing

    I mix this with the L-Ascorbic powder and WOW. Using this as well as alternating between retinol. My pigmentation is clearing up massively and my pores have reduced. So soothing for my dry/dehydrated skin. Wow.
  50. Makes my skin super soft!

    Out of all the rosehip oil products I've used over the years, this one is by far my favourite! It doesn't make my skin oily and gives it so much hydration. Since I use anti-acne products, my skin tends to be dry in certain areas but as soon as I apply this, I'm good to go! I love to mix this with my daily moisturiser before I apply makeup as it gives me a super smooth base to work with.
  51. Replacement for Kosmea certified organic rose hip oil

    I am a faithful consumer of the Kosmea certified organic rose hip oil, and recently, I haven't been able to locate it since I finished up my final bottle. Immediately, I purchased this Rose hip seed oil from The Ordinary when it caught my eye.
    I like this rosehip oil, but I also included the Marula oil in my order, and honestly, I think the Marula works better for my skin that the Rosehip oil.
    This rosehip seed oil does not have a noticeable difference from rosehip oil from Kosmea, so I would recommend this as a substitute.
  52. Best oil

    Best oil i’ve used, doesn’t feel gross on skin and works well with my oily skin.
  53. Perfect for winter

    Lovely rich oil which is perfect for dry/dehydrated skin. Nice either on its own or mixed in with moisturiser to make it extra lux and nourishing.

    Especially good in winter when i find that my skin can really dry out.
  54. Quite nice

    This is a nice rosehip oil! Great for dry skin and can also use small amounts on the ends of dry hair.
  55. Lovely Oil

    Ive been using this oil for a few months now and my skin has been really loving it. It can be a little bit greasy if too much is used so use it sparingly and I find I only use when my skin is screaming out for moisture. Great for the price and would likely re-order!
  56. So good!

    I love this rose-hip oil! IT's been really good for adding an extra layer of moisture into my skincare routine. It smells slightly... earthy? It doesn't smell brilliant, but I can put up with it. If you're super sensitive to smell, you might have trouble with this. But, this is moisturising and has helped to clear my skin.
  57. Great addition to your skin care routine

    I have been using this product for some time and continue to see results, I think it works especially well for the delicate under eye area. A great product for all skin types, but especially helpful for those with oily skin. It’s evened out my skin remarkably!
  58. Love this

    My skin loves this stuff and is always so soft and hydrated after use.
  59. This is a great face oil

    Great face oil for everyday use. It can be a bit greasy though. I find it make my hair quite oily when I use it overnight.
  60. Love it and so affordable

    Love using this as part of my night time routine. Has helped calm redness and is way more affordable than other brands!
  61. Amazing

    My first ever oil. I’m a male in my late 30s and have finally decided to start taking care of my skin. I use this each night after moisturising with The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA. I use about 4 drops for my whole face and rub the remainly on my beard. My skin looks and feels amazing each morning. Should have started sooner.
  62. Just try it!!

    I use this at night after my glycolic acid toner. I leave the toner to dry and then pat a few drops of this over my face. It smells earthy and has a nice light texture. My skin has responded so well! Redness? Gone. And despite it being an oil, it has stopped those annoying odd pimples that pop up. I really recommend this as a good starter for a skin night care routine :)
  63. The Best Yet...

    I have been using rosehip oils for years now, and this is a great formula. It is not sticky, and I like that it doesn't sink into your skin too quickly, as I like to use it overnight. Rosehip oil ensures that I can use products to target acne-prone skin, without sacrificing hydrating and glow.
  64. So far so good!

    This is my first product i have tried from the ordinary and i can say im quite impressed! My skin is much more softer and smooth, i even use this under my foundation sometimes and it give me such a flawless finish.
  65. good oil

    I like this oil, it's a bit thick for my sensitive skin so I've been using it on my body instead and it's fantastic for that
  66. Great night oil

    I have dry sensitive skin. When putting it on at night i don’t see much but next day my skin is soft and nice.
  67. good and fantastically priced

    I have very dry skin on my arms and legs and i've been mixing this in with my usual moisturizer. keeps my skin soft and smooth and the price is unbeatable
  68. Nice

    I have been using this for awhile now, my skin feels more hydrated and it doesn't break me out. I use it at night as the last step in my skin routine. Great price, the bottle will last for every only need 3 drops.
  69. If you have dry skin use this product!

    If you have dry, flaky, itchy skin this will help you!

    If your foundation sets into cracks on your skin and your skin feels dry and tight this will help you!
    I have dry, acne prone skin and this has absolutely changed my skin.
    It does have a slightly earthy scent but it’s not unpleasant.

    I often use this on my knees, wrists and elbows where I have dry skin and it really helps keep my skin soft and smooth.
    I have noticed a significant reduction and fading of acne scaring since using this regularly.
    I haven’t broken out once since using this product, and I think that is because this bottle is 100% rosehip oil with nothing added a lot of other brands have scents and fillers.
  70. A mini facial every night!

    Beautiful face oil that sinks in well. I have tried the 100% squalane from The Ordinary which is also good but this is even better.
  71. Love love love

    I just purchased my second bottle and I just love this oil! Smells so nice and I out this on every nice before going to bed. I sometimes use it under my makeup too if my skin is feeling a bit dry as it makes my foundation glide on. So smooth and smells so nice
  72. Best Rosehip Oil I have used

    I've tried Rosehip Oil from a number of brands, and this one from The Ordinary is my favourite, mainly for the great price point. Just a few drops goes a long way and I find it really great to apply in the day, under a BB cream or The Ordinary Serum Foundation. and perfect to apply after serums / treatments in the evening. I have combination to dry skin though - my skin tends to love oils in general and I use them regularly.
  73. Amazing, just not perfect

    I absolutely love this oil but what makes it 4 stars instead of 5 is the fact that it needs a little help sinking into my skin. I’ve found that if I apply it last, it kind of just sits on top of my skin instead of being absorbed. But if I mix it with my moisturiser (DE Lala) this doesn’t happen and it sinks in nicely. This isn’t a big deal for me and Lala is a holy grail anyway so I don’t mind mixing the two every night. It’s very moisturising and didn’t break out my acne prone skin
  74. Recommended for everyone

    I have been using rosehip oils for years now, and this is a great formula. It is not sticky, and I like that it doesn't sink into your skin too quickly, as I like to use it overnight. Rosehip oil ensures that I can use products to target acne-prone skin, without sacrificing hydrating and glow.
  75. Oil is absorbed into skin - not too oily!

    This is a lovely product to use before bed. It has a nice smell and goes on very smooth to be absorbed overnight. I have skin that is oily in the t-zone so have stayed away from oil-based products in the past, but this one is perfect!
  76. Good and inexpensive oil

    This product is what it says it is which is what I love about it. I've tried numerous rosehip oils by other brands and I found that this was the only one that contained 100% rosehip oil, smelt nicer and absorbs better into my skin. For 100% organic rosehip oil at this price point, you can't argue with it. I've been using this for a year now and I find it is perfect as the last step in my night routine.
  77. Great night oil

    I have sensitive/combination skin and bought rosehip oil because of its anti-aging/protective effects and also because I wanted to see if it would help my eczema.
    I apply it at night after cleansing but before moisturiser. It takes 3 or 4 drops to cover my whole face. Unlike most oils, the feel is a little more waxy than greasy and I find that it soaks into my skin well. It is a yellow-orange colour but doesn't seem to stain my skin.
    The morning after using it my skin feels supple, soft and smooth. It doesn't seem to have had any negative effect on my acne and does not irritate my eczema. I think it helps with moisture barrier and water retention a little.
    As the oil contains high levels of retinoids it's not recommended to combine it with retinol, and it may cause increased sun sensitivity. It's also supposed to be fairly volatile so I store mine in the fridge to keep it fresh and effective.
  78. Essential to skin care routine

    To me it doesnt matter what your skin concern is, a rosehip oil is definitely one to invest in.. especially at this price point! I recommend only applying in the evenings as your last step of skin care routine. But its a game changer, results you will see almost immediately.
  79. Good, but a bit pricey

    This product is good to apply at night to help reduce redness, hyper-pigmentation, and smooth out the skin with long-term use.
  80. Great product, particularly during winter and in aircon

    I started using this during last winter and I love it. Come winter or when I'm spending most of my time in aircon I get dry patches under my nose and near the corners of my mouth. I apply this before bed now and I haven't had dryness since!
    It layers beautifully over my nighttime products (TO Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12%, TO Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5, TO Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane [alternate nights with the Vit C] and TO 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil).
    It smells a bit eww but you get used to it quick enough, and it leaves a yellowish mark on white bedding which is easily washed out. Insignificant problems considering its benefits!
  81. Lovely

    This is a great oil from a great brand! Amazing price and quality product
  82. Favourite face oil!

    I'm a big Rosehip/Rosehip seed oil fan and I've used many different brands and I can't really tell any difference between any of them but at the price point, this ones a winner. I'd much rather pay $19 than $40+ for the other brand I was using. I often use it as a makeup remover but mostly just an overall face oil to finish my skin care routine. It leaves my dry skin plump and hydrated with no tacky feeling left on my skin afterwards.
  83. Great product

    I put this on at night time and feel that my skin feels so soft the next day. Keeps my skin feeling hydrated yet does not make my skin oily so I am happy with this product.
  84. Great for acne scarring

    I purchased this product in the hopes that it would not only provide moisture but reduce acne scarring and it did just that! I could see results really fast as my skin looked clearer and hyperpigmentation faded. Will always stand by this product!
  85. Healthy skin

    This product has reduced my fine lines over time and makes my skin look youthful, moisturised and healthy. This oil has so many benefits and it is so affordable compared to other products in the market that are known to treat the same issues. Would definitely buy it again!
  86. Great value

    I have normal to dry skin with occasional breakouts and acne prone and this oil is great. It soaks in nicely and you only need 3-4 drops a time so it lasts a while!
    The only thing I found is that if you take too long to use it it starts to sort of crystallize. Doesn’t leave your skin oily at all.
  87. Goodbye dry skin

    So happy with this product, My skin is already feeling 100 times better- not so dry
  88. So nourishing!!!

    I love this rose hip seed oil its so nourishing and doesn't take too long to absorb into the skin, I noticed a difference in suppleness of my skin almost straight away. Its a great product to incorporate if you have a few of the Ordinary acids in your regime as it provides great hydration.
  89. A lovely facial oil

    I love this oil! I have combination skin and tend to use this oil at night before my regular moisturizer(a bit heavy for my skin during the day) when my skin is feeling in need of a bit of TLC. I always wake up with a lovely glow the next morning. I do note that the product goes on and absorbs best with fewer products layered underneath it. I also recommend waiting a good 10 mins after applying any previous products before popping the oil on to avoid piling. Will certainly purchase again!
  90. Great product

    I found the packaging and bottle dropper very nice. The product itself does work very well. It removes makeup easily and does leave my skin less oily.
  91. Love it!

    I have combination, sensitive and acne prone skin and this does not make me break out! That said, it also has not done a whole lot for my pigmentation, however I do enjoy using it.
  92. Better than Trilogy

    So glad this is back in stock! My fine lines visibly faded within a week of use. While the whole deciem drama was going down these ran out so I bought the trilogy one whicb Kate Middleton supposedly swears by. It was all right but definitely did not see a dramatic effect as I did for this one. Smells funky but definitely worth it!
  93. Must have

    One of my favorite skin care products! My face feels amazing after using it, very hydrating. I only use it at night as it can cause a few breakouts If I use it too much. Highly recommend though, love it.
  94. I LOVE this stuff!

    I have dry/combination skin. I have been applying the rose hip oil after niacinamide at bedtime and my face feels so smooth and hydrated the next day! I do find it sits on my face rather than being soaked by my skin so I don't think I'd use it in the mornings. I use hylaraunic in the mornings and that gives me lots of hydration throughout the day too. Fab product, will buy again!
  95. Good product

    Nice and moisturising. Can't distinguish between this and the squalene oil to be honest.
  96. Beautiful well-priced cold-pressed rosehip oil

    I love face oils - they are my “go to” product and why I believe people are often shocked to hear I’m closer to 40 than 25. The Ordinary rosehip is lovely, great to use before bed or after an active such as the mandelic or lactic 10%. It sits beautifully under makeup and is very reasonably priced. You can’t go wrong.
  97. great for dry patches

    I mostly like to use this oil to help with clearing dry patches from hormonal acne.
    I use its in my night routine and by the morning my dry patches are 80% gone.
    I don't use it all over my face, only in dry areas and find great results.
  98. Review & Earn

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