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Thalgo looks to the oceans, where all life began, as its main beauty inspiration. The brand has harnessed the active healing ingredients in marine algae, seawater, and seaweed for use in its personal and skincare products. The Thalgo story began in 1964, when the company made algae-based products for medical applications.

Today, Thalgo beauty products are inspired by thalassotherapy spa treatments, which use seaweed and real seawater to treat skin problems such as eczema. The company is the uncontested leader in today’s 'marine beauty' market, offering skincare lines, cosmetics, and marine-based nutritional supplements.

Thalgo’s facial care line features cleansers, moisturisers, and eye care products along with a line of beautiful foundations, all designed to perfect your complexion. Whether your skin is dry, mature, sensitive, or has dark spots, Thalgo offers a product to suit your needs.

For the body, Thalgo offers luxurious products such as shower gels, body milk, correcting and firming cream, and gentle exfoliators. All products are extra-gentle and suitable for sensitive skin. Thalgo also carries a line of sun care products and men’s products such as shower gel, shave gel, after-shave balm, and an eye serum.

If you prefer natural skincare, then opt for Thalgo's organic products, which contain ingredients such as orange blossom, almond shells, olive leaf, and juniper wood.

The sea is the cradle of life on earth and constitutes an immense reservoir of substances that are only just beginning to be realised scientifically. In fact, marine ingredients hold the secrets of enduring youthfulness. Algae are naturally antibacterial and antiviral and have a high concentration of vitamins and minerals. Their active potential is immense: for example, one alga contains a thousand times more iodine, one hundred times more calcium, and ten times more magnesium and copper than a terrestrial plant.

Thalgo is proud to enforce environmentally friendly practices in the manufacturing of its products. To that end, the company uses energy from solar panels to help reduce CO2 emissions. Thalgo also follows an eco-friendly formulation charter and strict quality-control standards in the development of its products. All new formulations are free of parabens, mineral oil, GMOs, and animal ingredients. The brand is also a strong supporter of the Marine Conservation Society.

Consumers can rest assured that integrity and passion go into every Thalgo product. The company is dedicated to responsibility in the world of sustainable beauty.

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Thalgo Collagen CreamThalgo Collagen Cream
Thalgo Collagen Cream

So thick and soothing

Allow for time to soak in.

Not sure how you would go if you are a heavy make up wairing.

But if your looking to look after your skin it’s worth every pennie!
Thalgo Purity Freshness ExfoliatorThalgo Purity Freshness Exfoliator
Thalgo Purity Freshness Exfoliator


I received a sample of this exfoliator with my order and absolutely loved it. Not only does it smell like heaven on earth, it left my 40+ year old skin feeling clean and smooth without drying it out at all. It felt dewy to touch afterwards and it was just an all-round terrific product. I thoroughly enjoyed using it and will definitely be ordering it.
Thalgo Beautifying Tonic LotionThalgo Beautifying Tonic Lotion
Thalgo Beautifying Tonic Lotion

Ultra Light weight toner

This toner is beautiful. It is super luxurious, thin and goes on easily. With how thin it is, it is super easy to layer serums right over it. I definitely notice my skin looking less greasy, shiny and that my products after the toner are being absorbed more easily.
Thalgo Hyaluronic Eye-Patch MasksThalgo Hyaluronic Eye-Patch Masks
Thalgo Hyaluronic Eye-Patch Masks

Brightens your eyes immediately

Love this product. Even when it’s on after a few minutes you can see the difference. It helps to really brighten and smooth out your under eye area. Amazing

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