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Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% 200ml

4.6 of 928 reviews

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4 instalments of $8.58


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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%

Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%

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4.6 of 928 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love it!


My last AHA cleanser cost me double so I am very happy I found a replacement thats half the cost and works even better!

Most Helpful Criticism

Good after laser hair removal


This is a great scrub for body after laser hair removal. It is ok on face too but I wouldn't use all the time as it is a hit harsh.
  1. good scrub


    I went to the laser clinic australia and I thought they used that on me but I think what they had was slightly different. However I still like this scrub. I only use it once a week because I have sensitive dry skin. If you have that type of skin you might not like it, it stings a little after using it. The tube is so big it will last me forever
  2. Love it!


    My last AHA cleanser cost me double so I am very happy I found a replacement thats half the cost and works even better!
  3. Great product for acne and blackheads


    I got a sample of this product and had to buy the full size once I'd tried it. It is quite abrasive, but I find it is good on my chin and jaw line where I get pimples and blackheads.
  4. Really effective!


    This is a great physical scrub!
    I use a lot of Skinstitut products and am really happy with them.
    I use this scrub when I feel like my skin is starting to get a bit congested and I really find it helps slough away dry skin. My skin feels much finer afterwards and my serums/creams soak in a bit better. I think it would be a bit too abrasive for me to use twice weekly, or even weekly but roughly fortnightly works for me.
    Plus, the big bottle is very cost effective!
  5. Most effective exfoliator I’ve used


    This is the first exfoliator I’ve ever used where the micro beads actually stay there while you’re rubbing. Most other products, you’ve lost the granules straight away. With this it stays there and WORKS! It’s too harsh for my face because of this, however it’s a dream on my body. Highly recommend!
  6. As good as a microderm


    I purchased this after a trip to the beautician and a microderm. She advised me to get a good exfoliator and I came across this on Adore. So happy to have bought this! It has kept that straight out of the microderm feel on my face and has the environmental respect of jojoba beads
  7. Great Product


    I have recently been having a lot of breakouts since having my son, and nothing was helping me and since using the Skinstitut Glycolic Products my skin has cleared up and kept the breakouts to a bare minimum.
  8. Goodbye prolonged breakouts.


    This product I have been using to control hormonal break around my chin.
    I apply this product daily to my chin area when required.
    Otherwise every second. Reduced pain & inflammation.
  9. My favourite face scrub


    This product works perfectly to control my oily skin and eliminate breakouts.
  10. Really nice


    I have normal/combo skin and find this tube lasts forever and use once or twice a week and it leaves my skin feeling really lovely and smooth.
  11. amazing


    This is a good scrub for your face and your legs and arms
  12. Good


    I have received this as a free gift. It’s a good product, not harsh, suitable for everyday use. But it’s nothing special, doesn’t perform miracles or anything, nothing about it makes me go “I have to buy this”.
  13. My new holy grail


    I have struggled with my skin my whole life, which has left me reluctant to try new products for fear of breaking out/more redness. But recently when on holiday and staying with a friend I used her bottle of this, and MY GOD. This is so gentle whilst also making a noticeable difference. It's also half the price of the skin scrub I had been using. So worth it, and also investigating their other products.
  14. Post-laser excellence


    I started using this on my legs after getting laser done - I had to use it more frequently than recommended (in consultation with my technician) but even then it wasn't overly drying. Great product.
  15. Good regular facial scrub


    This is a nice gentle scrub to use on the face. It isn't harsh on the skin and leaves it feeling smooth and hydrated. I'd consider using it again however I'm not a fan of tea tree oil
  16. Great product


    This product makes my skin glow! You only need a small amount and the product doesn't irritate my skin. Would definitely recommend
  17. No more pimples


    I wasn’t sure whether this would help my hormonal pimples (more like cysts). After using it twice a week for about 2 months now along with glycolic cleanser, I’ve had no pimples. It’s an amazing product and will definitely repurchase.
  18. Brings out any acne in the skin


    I have used this for a week, three times, and it has brought out a lot of dormant acne I couldn't budge before. My skin glows after use and it definitely exfoliates well. Probably don't need to use three times a week as suggested on bottle, this is a bit too abrasive for my skin. Would recommend.
  19. Good for laser treatment


    I got this product for in between laser hair removal appointments. It’s made my sensitive skin feel really lovely, and improved the appearance of the skin.
  20. Cannot live without


    I have normal to combination skin and if I go a week without this scrub you can see the difference.
    I use this three times a week and it keeps my texture at bay especially along my jaw line.
    I scrub gently for 30 seconds then leave it to sit on my face for a minute or two before rinsing off.
  21. Too abrasive


    This product reminds me a bit of the old st Ives apricot scrub. I appreciate it’s got a good glycolic formula but the granules are quite abrasive. I think you’d be better off with a aha/mask or toner - or find a scrub with very fine particles
  22. Holy Grail


    My absolute holy grail face scrub. It has helped with my redness and you can feel it working. Love it.
  23. The GO-TO face scrub


    Im in love with this exfoliator! I have combination oily skin with regular breakouts and this scrub is amazing and it leaves my skin feeling soft and I know I can trust Skinstitut's formula to ensure I'm getting the best possible exfoliation. I love that it is so SO affordable and you get so much in one bottle so you never have to worry about using it sparingly.


    I have fair/medium skin and my hair is light brown and I chose this scrub because I needed to clear my acne and scarring and it did exactly that! It is so gentle for my skin as my skin is sensitive and I would recommend purchasing it as it is a holy grail product!
  25. Pimples be gone!


    This is my favourite product out of the skinstitut range!
    This little miracle worker is a definite must have for twice a week in the shower to help even out skin tone and exfoliate the week away. If you notice a spot or two increase the use to daily and those little spots will dissapear pretty much instantly. Highly recommend for anyone to incorporate into their skin routine.
  26. Great


    Works magic for congested skin. Great for giving your pores a good clean
  27. An exfoliator you can actually feel on your face!


    I was looking for an exfoliator/scrub I could really feel and this definitely does that! My face feels so clean and refreshed after a scrub. I also use liquid gold but just love the feeling of using the scrub a couple of times a week.
  28. Good after laser hair removal


    This is a great scrub for body after laser hair removal. It is ok on face too but I wouldn't use all the time as it is a hit harsh.
  29. Use gently


    This scrub is great, it’s extremely exfoliating so use gently to remove dead skin. Can leave sensitive skin a little dry and irritated so use a really good serum and hydrating moisturiser. I use it once a week and love how smooth my skin feels after.
  30. Good but not great


    I like that it has tiny granules that scrub your face but I feel like I need to cleanse thoroughly after using it as I still feel oily
  31. brilliant


    I have been using this product for 6 months now and I love it. It makes my skin glow every time I use it.
  32. Holy Grail!


    I usually never write reviews on any product but this product has helped clear my skin of acne on my cheeks that I've struggled to get rid of for 2 years!
    Yes, it does have a purging stage and I went through this for 1 month. All of my acne came out within that 1 month but it was all worth it because, after that, I didn't break out anymore. I still have hormonal acne at the time of the month but other than that, my 2-year problem with acne has cleared up because of this product used in conjunction with L-Lactic Cleanser. I have very sensitive skin and even Cetaphil breaks me out. I will not use any other product for my skin. It's a bit pricey but I'm willing to pay for clear skin.
  33. Fantastic product


    This scrub is amazing, you only need such a small amount. Love it
  34. Does what it says, but can be drying


    A great exfoliator with my beloved glycolic acid!
    Once a week I use this to help gently exfoliate my skin. It definitely helps promote cell renewal and brightening, but due to the nature of using acids, it can be drying. It's also a physical scrub, which can cause redness and skin tearing if you aren't very gentle with it. With that in mind, I DONT recommend if for sensitive skin. If you want chemical/ acid exfoliation for sensitive skin, try this in the 12% cleanser form.
  35. Good


    This glycolic scrub is incredible for taking off my dead skin and keeping my skin smooth without irritating it
  36. Stable scrub


    This is my staple scrub - it works brilliantly, causes no irritation or unwanted redness, isn't too drying and allows my skin to be balanced (not too dry or oily). I always notice a reduction in any blackheads or red bumps with use. I use it every second day with the other skinstitut products.
  37. Great scrub


    I own a few skinsuit scrubs and cleansers as I find them to be really affective. This scrub is really nice and cleanses right down leaving me with super clean and smooth skin
  38. Great for exfoliating laser areas


    Heard on Instagram that this was good for those getting laser hair removal on the face. I am a 20 y.o. guy with normal skin who has been getting my cheek and neck lasered along the beard line and I found that this scrub helped remove the lasered hair. Of course I used this scrub on the rest of my face and found that it left my skin feeling so smooth and clean without being too harsh. It has a nice scent, kind of medical/hospital/sterile, I think it's the tea tree oil - you definitely feel refreshed and clean after using this.
  39. It’s alright


    I have is ed this scrub a few times and every time it has made my face feel so smooth but made my forehead breakout! Wouldn’t recommend using it if you have sensitive skin!
  40. Effective scrub


    I love this scrub, gentle enough on my skin but does the job perfectly. My skin feel very smooth after using and help with the ingrown hair issue.
  41. Best stuff to get rid of blackheads!


    When used in combination with the Glycolic cleanser this scrub works wonders! I use it once a week and the blackheads on my nose seem to stay at bay :) highly recommended
  42. Excellent post laser hair removal


    I use this from day 5 onwards after laser hair removal. It works well to exfoliate and prevent ingrown hairs. I would find it too rough for facial skincare; and it doesn't have a pleasant scent sadly.
  43. Amazing product


    I was first recommended this product when I first started laser bust was a bit apprehensive about the price. However, it's worth the cost as it's great for ingrown hairs and congested skin. Absolutely love this product and I always replace it once I've run out.
  44. Good


    This is a great exfoliant that I use a couple of times a week. It helps with congestion and improves my complexion. This also lasts for a long time
  45. Love this scrub!


    The glycolic scrub is a must have addition in my skincare routine. the texture is wonderful and having combination skin it definitely helps keep my skin smooth and blemish free without drying it out which easily happens with a lot of other products.
  46. Not too bad


    I used this for a few weeks and it went well but then it caused me to break out, I do not recommend for combination/sensitive skin.
  47. Overall good product


    Great scrub! I use it at night leaves my skin feeling well cleaned!
  48. Brilliant scrub


    Minimises blackheads and breakouts. Exfoliates and cleanses my skin leaving it refreshed! Highly recommend! Best scrub I have ever used
  49. amazing for acne


    I scrubbed my neck, chest and arms with this scrub and has really, really improved my acne in those areas as well as brightening my skin
  50. Good product


    A great body exfoliator to use after laser hair removal. Helps clear out pores
  51. best scrub


    Best scrub i have ever used. exfoliates my skin very well and removes all dead skin to make my skin clear and soft. helps control break outs
  52. Glycolic is miracle


    Glycolic is miracle for skin.
    Seriously it does what it says.
  53. Great exfoliator


    I use this on my face, neck and body and it is a great exfoliator, it’s not too harsh and brightens my skin
  54. Great for regular use and consistent results


    I heard of this product through a friend who has been using it for a while and wouldn't stop recommending it to me - I finally bought it about 6 months ago and I have never had such good results from an exfoliating/cleanser product before than I do with this scrub. I've always been quite conscious that I have large pores and using the Glycolic Scrub 14% has drastically reduced them. It has also cleared up the black heads and imperfections on my skin and now my makeup goes on my face way easier and more consistently. I definitely recommend using this - I keep it in the shower and use about 3-4 times a week

  55. gentle, yet exfoliating


    a gentle face wash that I also use on my neck. Exfoliates and brightens and leaves my skin feeling super tight and shiny
  56. Love it


    Very strong scrub and removed absolutely all the dead skin on your skin. Very impressive and this brand is great! Yay!!
  57. Must have!


    I use this scrub 3 times a week and every time it feels like Iv had microdermabrasion! Definitely helps rid your skin congestion!
  58. Did what I bought it for!


    I wanted to get rid of the blackheads I had on my boobs and this was what was recommended. I've been using for about a week I'd say they are reduced by 90% and I couldn't be happier with the results! I am also using it to try and reduce my more difficult nose blackheads and it has done the best job out of anything else I've tried, reducing my pores by about 50% I'd say, which is a noticeable difference. I would recommend.
  59. Exfoliates but a little harsh


    I bought this (as insisted by the staff at laser clinics) after my first laser session. Frankly it was probably quite unnecessary. I ended up using it once or twice a week on my acne prone, dry skin and it possibly helped a bit? But it does feel quite abrasive, nothing amazing here.
  60. Love


    Onto my second tube of this - it lasts FOREVER. Makes my skin so soft after using and helps to clear any gunk from the pores. I feel like using this also helps my serums absorb deeper into my skin as well.
  61. Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%


    This is the only scrub I use, as I've found it to be the best one I've tried.
    Use 3 times a week with the Skinstitut Glycolic Cleanser. Bottle lasts for ages so good value for money.
  62. Best scrub ever


    Best scrub ever. Lasts forever and I've never seen better results from any other scrub. Leave my skin soft.
  63. My favourite exfoliant


    I received a sample of this with an Adore purchase years ago and bought a tube immediately. It’s hands down my favourite scrub from the small exfoliating particles, texture, scent and the most importantly the results! I have combination skin with congestion, dry and flakey patches, you name it and after using this my skin feels so smooth. I use it max once per week after cleansing, leave it on for a minute or two then rinse off. I especially love using it if I have an event and want my makeup looking flawless. Highly recommend this scrub!
  64. Face scrub


    100% recommend. I have horrible oily, acne prone skin & this scrub helps clear it away and leave my skin glowing. Would not recommend to people with sensitive or dry skin.
  65. I won't use any other facial scrub


    I am 32 with adult adult acne and this is the only facial scrub that has ever made a difference. My face feels so clean and it has definetly helps to clear up my acne. I use it every night


    This scrub is just amazing!!!!! I love it so so much! I have acne prone combination skin, and this scrub has balanced out the oils in my skin and gotten rid of most of my acne. It makes my skin feel so soft and smooth and it comes in a huge bottle so it lasts for agesss which is great! I think for acne prone skin it goes best with ella bache products.
  67. So soft!


    This has made my skin so soft and helped to clear up blemishes! I only have to use it 2-3 times a week and I have naturally oily skin.
  68. Loved this


    This was a promotion
    I loved this cleanser, I have oily combo, bit congested skin.
    This is gorgeous to use , love it .made my skin really clear
    I would purchase this but maybe not for winter when I get a bit dry.
  69. Love it!


    I only use this once a week as I have drier skin, but my face feels so soft afterwards. It’s helping a lot with my blackheads too.
  70. Great Scrub


    This scrub was very effective and I often used on both face and body, its good value and I would repurchase
  71. Great Exfoliant.


    With the first use I could see a difference with my skin. After few uses my face really started to look noticeably smoother. Don’t think I’ll use another exfoliant!
  72. Love this Brand


    This scrub is great I use it twice a week and I feel it removes the grime from my skin before I apply retinol. I have been using skinstitut for 12 months now an I will not use any other product! These products give excellent results and last over time so value for money is great! I have added to my collection and have a great day/ night written routine to make sure I’m using all my products to keep my face glowing and healthy..
  73. Great product!


    I use this once or twice a week and have noticed it’s minimised my pores and cleared up my blackheads so much. Leaves my skin feeling super clean after! A must have in my skincare routine
  74. most protective body scrub


    It will not dry your skin after used
  75. Helps lift the dead skin


    I would only use a few times a week, helps really get off the dead skin and is a gentle enough exfoliant, amazing stuff
  76. One of my favourite scrubs!


    I started using this in between laser hair removal appointments, but now I use it once-twice a week as a facial scrub, as part of my normal routine! It smells great and you can actually feel it making a difference to your skin. After washing it off, my skin feels so soft. I recommend this, as well as other Skinstitut products!
  77. Favourite exfoliant


    This changed my skin! I love it so much. My skin feels fresh and smooth after I scrub it with this, it smells so nice too!
  78. WOW


    Such a great product to clear up clogging around your nose especially! Good for acne and small bumps. Great exfoliant.
  79. The best exfoliant!


    There’s nothing more I love than a great exfoliant! After using this my skin feels like it’s just had a microderm treatment. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my pores. They’re smaller and blackheads are disappearing. My pigmentation has also lightened! Love it!
  80. Makes your skin so soft!


    I love this scrub! I use it 3 times a week and it leaves my skin feeling so clean and smooth
  81. A really effective exfoliant!


    Been using this for over a month and I’d definitely recommend it. It really helped improve the texture and tone of the skin on my elbows and knees but is still gentle enough to use on my face - really helps prep the skin before a shave.
  82. Does what's intended


    A thorough exfoliant. Only would recommend usage a couple of times a week on face as it is quite coarse. Leaves skin feeling smooth and fresh.
  83. effective exfoliant


    effective exfoliant to lift dead skin and renew skin.
    hreat for anti ageing skin care as well as deep cleaning.
    A lot of product for Such a great price
  84. My Favourite Scrub


    Suffering from years with adult breakouts, I had tried everything from prescribed medication to high end skin care - nothing helped. Within weeks of being introduced to the Skinstitute range, my skin cleared up drastically. The Glycolic Scrub is now a staple in my daily routine, alternating between it and the Gentle Cleanser. The grains are fine, and you can instantly feel a difference to the skins texture after each use. I do recommend moisturizing afterwards though. I use 2x a week.
  85. Best for Milia


    I have been using this product for 4 years. I first got introduced at Australian Skin Clinics. I use this product twice a week at night with the Enzymatic Micro Peel and has done wonders for dead skins and make my face feel smooth. I wouldn't stop using this product/.
  86. Great Cleaners


    it's gentle scrub and no harsh on my face. Feeling clean and smooth after using it.
  87. Really works


    I use this pre laser hair removal and it works exactly as advertised. I wouldn’t dream of using this on my face as it works far too well for delicate facial skin.
  88. A lovely scrub for the face


    I use this scrub twice and love how glowy and refreshed my skin feels after. I have sensitive skin but this does not irritate my skin at all and I even leave it on for an extra 5 minutes for a bit of a mini masking time in the shower! It also lasts a long long time as well as a little goes a long way!
  89. Great chemical exfoliant


    Great chemical exfoliant, I recommend patch testing first. It's really helped clear up my skin.
  90. Effective


    Super effective at toning down my acne breakouts almost overnight. Reliable effects on my skin
  91. Love it!


    Just started using this to help with a congested t zone and it’s great! Leaves my skin feeling smooth and fresh. It is a little harsh so be gentle when using it.
  92. Nice


    Very nice for exfoliating the skin gently. It works well to smooth post-acne bumps
  93. A must have!


    I use this scrub every 4-5 days & I love it! It leaves your skin feeling so soft & smooth, like you've just had a micro!
  94. Super gritty


    I love this exfoliant, it’s super gritty and works well but isn’t too harsh on my skin. Always leaves my feeling fresh.
  95. Lot of product


    The size is great as you get a lot of product for what you pay, especially if you only use a pea-size amount. I found this scrub a bit too harsh for my skin. Probably best to limit use to once or twice a week and scrub very gently as it is fairly coarse.
  96. A weekly must have


    I use this product religiously once a week at least just be gentle let the glycolic acid do the work as well!
  97. great value


    The package is big and it lasts for a long time. As it is quite coarse, you need to be gentle when applying on your skin. You feel so great after the exfoliation. I try not to do too often as it makes some breakouts on chin/cheek. Probably once a week should be enough.
  98. GREAT


    I think this product is a great it exfoliates the skin quite nicely , definitely not something you should use daily, I recommend 1-2 times a week. It’s helped with removing my blackheads.
  99. I always recommend this product!


    I have been on various medications in the past that cause my skin to break out terribly and this Glycolic Scrub sorts it out fast! I have been using it for close to 3 years and I swear by it!

    I use it every second to third day to polish and get rid of the dead top layer on my skin. Afterwards, my skin feels so soft and supple.

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