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Skinstitut Gentle Cleanser 200ml

4.8 of 467 reviews

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Skinstitut Gentle Cleanser

Skinstitut Gentle Cleanser

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4.8 of 467 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great cleanser!


I received this in a goodie bag as a 50ml size and that lasted me around 1.5 months using it morning and night. I've been using this as a first cleanser and the Skinstitut Glycolic Cleanser afterwards. My skin is feeling so fresh and clean every single day.

A great gentle cleanser and I will definitely be buying the full size.

Most Helpful Criticism

Thick formula


I use this product as laser treatment aftercare, so I haven’t tried this product on my face. It is quite nice on the body however is so thick and gluggy that you can’t control how much comes out. It doesn’t lather up either.
  1. Great cleanser!


    I received this in a goodie bag as a 50ml size and that lasted me around 1.5 months using it morning and night. I've been using this as a first cleanser and the Skinstitut Glycolic Cleanser afterwards. My skin is feeling so fresh and clean every single day.

    A great gentle cleanser and I will definitely be buying the full size.
  2. Gentle and foaming


    I feel like I get a great clean with this product but it doesn't strip my skin and make me feel dry. I also like the smell. It's a bit like a gel but really foams up in your hands. I like this product for doing a double cleanse at night.
  3. Great for acne prone skin


    Have been using this product in conjunction with the retinol serum on my oily, pimple prone skin for around 6 weeks and have seen a huge improvement with less breakouts and a nicer more even skin tone.
  4. All time favourite


    I love this cleanser so much ! I've recently changed to try something different and I regret it.
    This cleanser is gentle, removes all my make up and makes my skin feel clean afterwards.
    A little goes a long way so you get a lot of use out of this tube.
    Would definitely recommend.
  5. perfect for sensitive skin


    this cleanser is so gentle, and does not irritate my sensitive skin or dry it out at all! would recommend for anyone with sensitive skin.
  6. Great for removing makeup


    I find this great for removing make up including my mascara, it’s nice and gentle and easy to wash off with no residue. I then follow up with the Skinstitut Glycolic Cleanser 12% and go over my forehead, cheeks and chin when i feel they need it. It’s a great combo
  7. Thick formula


    I use this product as laser treatment aftercare, so I haven’t tried this product on my face. It is quite nice on the body however is so thick and gluggy that you can’t control how much comes out. It doesn’t lather up either.
  8. Very good


    Very good cleanser for a very reasonable price. Works well for combination skin. I find it a little drying so a good moisturiser after is essential
  9. love this


    Very well priced for such an effective product, will be repurchasing! Removes make up extremely well, I was quite impressed!
  10. Daily use!


    I have used this as part of my daily skincare routine for a few years now and I love how it does not dry out my skin and leaves it feeling so clean and fresh.
  11. Cleans well


    Bought this product for my husband as he was complaining his skin always felt unclean and not fresh, this definitely did the job and his complexion has never been clearer.
  12. Repeat Purchase


    Love this product for my sensitive skin. I use an oil based product to remove waterproof eye make up then the Skinsitut Gentle Cleanser to remove the rest of my make up. Gentle, effective and not strong smelling. Will continue to repurchase.
  13. Great product, even better priced!


    Another cleanser that I like from this brand. A little goes a long way too. Although I did find it can be a little drying so make sure you have a good moisturiser to apply with it and your skin will be amazing
  14. Worth it!


    I’ve been using this product since October after switching from a different brand and I’m so glad I made the decision. I have dry, dehydrated skin and this gentle cleanser is exactly that. I feel clean and hydrated after using this, it doesn’t strip your skin and leave it red and irritated like I have found others to do. I double cleanse with this twice a day and love it!
  15. Great for sensitive skin


    Great cleanser for sensitive skin, always removes all my make up
  16. Gentle and clean


    I find this is a good gentle, non irritating cleanser. It is a bit drying if used all the time so i alternate with another.
  17. Best cleanser


    I don't have sensitive skin but I still use this cleanser every morning. I use the lactic at night. It's a gel and foams up nicely in the shower. Gentle on eyes too!
  18. not bad


    its okay, doesn't irritate my skin which is great but doesn't really do anything beyond that, i find my acne hasn't changed
  19. Drying


    I found this cleaner drying for my skin, which is a shame as I love their glycolic scrub. My daughter is using it now and has over oily skin and says it makes her itchy.
  20. Skin feels fresh and super clean with out drying out


    Love this product and super affordable
  21. Great for any age!


    I received a 50ml sample and love how gentle it is on my skin. I also gave some to my teenage son to use and he really liked it - it didn’t irritate his skin and also looks manly enough he’s not embarrassed to use it! A great in shower cleanser
  22. Awesome


    great for sensitive skin, doesn't irritate my skin as most things do, also makes my complexion look radient
  23. Suitable for very sensitive skin.


    This is the only cleanser that I could ever use that will not strip my skin of natural oils. My skin doesn't feel dry after washing but you can tell that it is cleaned. I usually clean once with Gentle Cleanser then use the L-Lactic acid after for double cleansing at night. I've had really bad acne on my cheeks and this is due to using products that I didn't know I was sensitised to. This cleanser cleans my skin without breaking my overly sensitive skin. Even Cetaphil breaks me out but this doesn't. That says a lot. It is quite pricey but I'm willing to pay for the quality of this product and for clear skin that I'm slowly starting to get back. I haven't had any major breakout from using this since the start. Would totally recommend for sensitive skin!!
  24. incredible


    Very well priced for such an effective product, will be repurchasing! I found an improvement in my skin’s texture after regular use.
  25. Great at removing makeup


    I have been using Skinstitut for just over 12months now and my skin has never been better. I love this product as a first step in my skin care regime. It removes makeup and surface dirt, just as it says.
  26. Great Daily Cleanser


    I love using this product, it is great for sensitive skin. It makes my face feel so smooth and clean, I use it twice daily.
  27. Awesome


    great cleanser, I find this doesn't irritate my skin what so ever whihc it is very prone to. it also clear some of my ance
  28. Doesn't Strip!


    The Gentle Cleanser is great on its own as it doesn't strip the skin. It's also awesome to use first during a double cleanse. I find it removes my make up well too!
  29. Amazing !!


    This product is great removes makeup so Easley and is great as a body wash as well .
  30. Gets the job done


    It’s a nice cleanser and works great but it isn’t my favourite. It’s gentle enough for sensitive skin and it has no fragrance
  31. Perfect daily cleanser


    I love this cleanser! I cleanse morning and night it does not dry my skin out and I definitely notice the difference when not using it regularly. Would definitely recommend!
  32. Best Gentle Cleanser


    Been using this product for over 5 years. My skin has never looked better, you don't need much of this product to make your skin feel refreshed.
  33. Amazing cleanser


    Such a good daily cleanser and removes makeup so well don’t even need to use makeup remover
  34. Super gentle on your skin


    I’ve found the perfect cleanser for my dry and sensitive skin! I was recommended this by Laser Clinic for my skin and I’ve been using it for few years now. It’s really gentle on my skin and I have less to no breakouts! It smells nice and it can last you a long time!
  35. Good, but not my favourite


    I’ve been using this interchangeably with the dermalogica special cleansing gel. It’s a really good product that I would definitely recommend to someone searching for a new cleanser to try, but I personally prefer dermalogica for my skin as it feels a bit more gentle than the skinstitut and this leaves me feeling a little dried out compared with the dermalogica cleanser.
  36. Perfect cleanser


    My skin is very dry and most of cleansers leave it to me very dry that I cannot even smile.I began with the Starter kit of Skinstitute and I loved the L-lactic cleanser but I did not what to use AHA every day for my face, hence, I decided to give it a go with this one.
    It is even better and gets rid of the mascara as well because works well on the eyes. The only thing they could improve is the dispenser, if you are not gentle, you get more product than you need.
  37. Will purchase


    I received the 50ml size as a free gift with my purchase and really like this cleaner, Iv been using it as a first step makeup remover, as I wear water proof setting powder it gets right in there and gets it of quickly, small amount goes a long way.
  38. Gentle on the skin


    I use the gentle cleanser as a morning cleanser (to lightly remove any dirty or oil from the night before) and particularly like that my skin remains its natural moisture after cleansing. I love the massive size and I think it's value for money! If you are new to skincare and trying to find your fit, I believe this cleanser is a great introduction product!
  39. excellent


    This is such a goof cleanser! it smells so good, gets makeup off, cleans the face so well, helps with my acne, and doesn't dry out my skin at all! this product is utterly amazing! I definitely recommend for people with acne prone skin, and it goes well with ella bache products
  40. Gentle cleanser


    Great gentle cleanser, I got this as a free gift with my last order and I’ll definitely be repurchasing. I have oily skin and this makes my skin feel nice and clean and not over cleansed
  41. Surprisingly good

    Viv W

    I’m really enjoying this cleanser, after taking my makeup off with face halo I use a tiny amount of this - a little goes a long way - and my skin feels so clean afterwards.
  42. Super clean


    I received a 50 ml of this product and have been using it as my first cleanse to remove makeup and sunscreen and it does an amazing job of really cleaning everything.
  43. My go to face wash


    I always come back to this face wash. It doesn't dry my skin out and is gentle on my eyes. Removes my mascara.
    Will continue to re purchase
  44. Not the best from their range


    I have been a long user of L-Lactic cleanser.
    I decided to give this a go but I wasn't too impressed, however I have problematic skin (acne prone, dry and sensitive) and this may have not been a good match for me.

    May be better for someone with normal skin, looking for a simple ingredient cleanser to wash away grime from the day.
  45. great cleanser


    I really like this cleanser I use it at night twice once to remove my makeup and once to cleanse. it doesn't leave me skin too dry but also leaves it feeling really clean!
  46. Must have


    After only a few uses, I could notice a significant improvement with my skin.
  47. Feels lovely and the scent is nice


    I recently received a generous sized tester of this product, and after using the 12% glycolic face wash I had high hopes. I'm pleased to say that I'm really loving this product so far, it's very gentle and not hard to lather nicely on the skin at all. The cucumber scent is really refreshing and the cleanser leaves my skin feeling really clean without feeling dried out or tight. I will definitely be purchasing the full size of this product.
  48. Clean and effective


    Not the best cleanser I've come across but does the job well and is good value. Skin feels clean and I had fewer breakouts while using this product.
  49. My go to cleanser


    I have been using this cleanser for almost a year now. It is amazing and a little pea size actually goes a long way ! I have only purchased twice in a whole year so it is awesome value for money
  50. Great cleanser


    I really like this cleanser, removes easily my makeup and dirt without leaving my skin feeling dry, Totally recommended!
  51. clearer and fresher skin


    Id heard a lot about the Skinstitut range and decided to give it a try. As someone with problem areas on the forehead and the occasional face breakout and dry skin, this product worked wonders for me. I use it a couple of times a week with the scrub.

    Id definitely recommend this product to others
  52. Gentle but effective


    I love love love this cleanser! It’s not too harsh on my skin and doesn’t strip it too much but definitely makes the skin feel clean. Obsessed!
  53. Amazing!


    Amazing jelly-like gentle cleanser. Great for sensitive skin but also gets off all of the make up... even mascara. The only thing I would say that could be improved is the packaging, the way it is dispensed. It is so hard not to squeeze out too much.
  54. Amazing product. Worth it’s weight in gold


    I have dry skin and this cleanser is so gentle and doesn’t dry it out further. Cleared my skin within a few week. Love this product, I use it again and again.
  55. Very good gentle cleanser


    Great cleanser for day to day use, super gentle
  56. Skin Saver


    Suffering from years with adult breakouts, I had tried everything from prescribed medication to high end skin care - nothing helped. Within weeks of being introduced to the Skinstitute range, my skin cleared up drastically. The Gentle Cleanser is now a staple in my daily routine, alternating between it and the Glycolic Scrub 12%. A little goes a long way, and doesn't make my skin feel 'squeaky clean' or dry.
    Thank you Skinstitute for the best skincare range I've used, and for making it affordable.
  57. great everyday cleanser


    I bought this full size for everyday use. Not only me but the whole family can use this, it doesn't leave the dryness after the wash. very safe to use. I will buy this again.
  58. Overpowering Scent


    I received a 50ml promotional sample of this product with a recent purchase.
    I really wanted to like this product as I enjoy using the Skinstitut 12% Glycolic Cleanser.

    I only tried it the once and while it adequately cleansed, I found the texture to be quite slimy and the cucumber scent overpowering. While I was cognizant that cucumber was part of the ingredients list I didn't expect the scent to be so strong.

    I do have sensitivities to perfumes and have an aversion to cucumber/zucchini (scent and taste) so that is likely a factor for me.

    As I've only trialled a small portion of the product I have given the remainder to a friend who does not have my sensitivities and will have her post a separate review based on her experiences.
  59. Excellent everyday cleanser


    This cleanser is perfect for everyday use. Like all the products in this range, it just works really well and is affordable too.
  60. Okay


    Used this cleanser for a while, takes off makeup okay however feels like it strips off your natural oils and leaves your skin feeling a bit dry.
  61. A truly beautiful product


    I use this cleanser daily, it's gentle enough that it doesn't dry my skin but still removes makeup & bacteria.
  62. Helped my skin so much!


    I’ve been searching for a skin care range to help with my hormonal break outs for a long time and I just seem to keep coming back to Skinstitut. I’ve tried proactiv, demalogica and the likes and this cleanser paired with the glycolic scrub, retinol and daily moisturiser have almost completely cleared my skin!
  63. The perfect cleanser!


    I’ve found this so gentle on my skin! It’s a good all round cleanser that does the job without drying out the skin, even through winter. My eight year old who has eczema uses this to wash her face also and doesn’t irritate her at all.
  64. My skin loves this product!


    I remember getting samples of this product and wasn't so keen on the scent and now I love it because it's so basic!

    This product is such good value for money - especially for something that ends up going down the drain :):)

    The name is exactly what you get, a gentle cleanser. I highly recommended for those with sensitive skin, on a budget, don't want to strip the skin of natural oils and want clear skin!
  65. Beautiful product


    I received this as a gift with purchase, I absolutely love it! I will definitely be buying this cleanser.
    My skin feels fresh and oil free but not dry after using this products, it also looks brighter and the texture appears more Even.
    I found it to be gentle I have suffered no adverse reaction to using this products and I highly recommend it.
  66. Great to remove makeup and double cleanse


    I use this each night to wash off the makeup, oils, dirt and sunscreen from the day before I cleanse with glycolic. Really gentle yet effective. This product is a must have if you get skin needling or peels as it has no active ingredients yet it able to clean the skin effectively
  67. Perfect for daily use


    I use this cleanser once a day (in conjunction with the glycolic cleanser or scrub) and really love it! It has light, pleasant scent and leaves my skin super clean with all makeup and sunscreen removed. It’s gentle enough that my skin can really breathe after and doesn’t feel tight, just fresh. My only complaint is the packaging as a pump bottle would be easier, and sometimes the lid is hard to close properly.
  68. Great product


    I have been using this product for 6months and can really tell the difference in my skin. I have combination skin and this is a gentle cleanser that effectively removes makeup without deteriorating my skin in parts where it is dry. It has also helped with my outbreaks.
  69. Gentle


    This cleanser is very gentle and won’t strip my skin. It is good for people with acne prone skin like me. I use it every morning. Additionally, the huge bottle last forever.
  70. So good, so gentle!


    This is such a good and gentle gel cleanser. It doesn't dry out my skin after using it and a little bit goes a long way.
  71. Great everyday cleanser


    This cleanser is amazing, super gentle as the name suggests so it’s great for all skin types and leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh without over drying. Great to remove make up before going in and using a stronger cleanser such as a glycolic cleanser/scrub for a deeper clean. Cannot reccomend skinstitut products highly enough!
  72. A good general cleanser


    This is a good product that does everything it’s meant to. It’s not too stripping on the skin but still leaves the skin feeling clean. You don’t need much product so this size bottle will last a good length of time!
  73. Good basic cleanser


    Feels nice, not like its stripping the skin and you feel reasonably moisturised after using. Removes makeup well (I double cleanse at night and use this one first). Huge container and you only need a small amount so great value for money. Hasn’t caused my very temperamental skin to break out and in fact has probably improved it.
  74. Good gentle cleanser for sensitive/acne prone skin!


    I have acne prone skin and have found this cleanser so so helpful. Contains a lot of beneficial ingredients & is also very gentle on my sensitive skin.
  75. Great cleanser


    This is the perfect cleanser. It takes off all my makeup and can use it with my Clarisonic. Highly recommend it
  76. Its alright


    Its a good cleanser, but definitely more out there for the same price that are better. I much prefer the lactic cleanser as i get more of a cleaner feel. Also please please please better the packaging to a pump bottle, i lose so much product in both this and the lactic cleanser.
  77. Only need a tiny amount


    The first thing I noticed about this cleanser was that the smallest amount goes a long way as it foams up really well. Even when removing lots of makeup it always does a great job of removing even the most stubborn mascara and leaving my face feeling squeaky clean but not tight. As I use other products like retinol, vitamin C and salycilic acid I was after a really gentle product, and so far I think this is the one.
  78. Not effective and smells funny


    Has a weird smell that reminds me of off cucumbers. Isnt very good at removing makeup. I have to wash a couple of times to remove all makeup
  79. best cleanser


    my go to cleanser
    I use morning and night
    does a good job at cleaning my combination skin
    good at removing make up
    I use in combination with glycolic cleanser for my acne
  80. My go to!


    I have been using this cleanser for almost a year now. I love how it is super gentle, cleans off all dark eye make up but is also super gentle on the eyes, so you never get that sting like other products. Lathers really well and only requires a small amount to go a long way. Love itn
  81. Good for oily skin


    This cleanser is so good to my oily skin. Makes my skin feel so smooth and soft
  82. Effective and Gentle


    This cleanser is perfect for any time of day. Reduces excess oil without drying out skin
  83. LOVE


    My favourite skionstitute product! Leaves skin feeling clean and smooth
  84. Best cleanser


    I have just started using this cleanser and I can honestly say it has changed my skin over the past month. I use in-conjunction with Skinstitut Moisture Defence - Normal Skin moisturiser. I have oily/combination skin, prone to acne. I have had no issues since starting this and have only seen improvements!
  85. Overall good cleanser

    Foxy Bunnie

    Was recommended this brand and face cleanser to my surprise my skin really likes it. No more dry skin around my eyes, takes make up off (not so good with Waterproof mascara though), you don’t need to use a lot of it. Will keep buying very happy
  86. Great staple for sensitive skin


    I was looking for a staple cleanser that wasn’t harsh on the skin since i use a lot of exfoliating products. i love this cleanser; no harsh chemicals, scents and it removes makeup and can even be used on the eyes. very affordable too in comparison to some other cosmetic grade brands.
  87. Great for dry/sensitive skin!!


    I started using retinols about a year ago and since then my skin has become much drier and slightly more sensitive, and this has been really helpful with those issues. I feel as though it doesn’t strip my skin of all its moisture, and if fact find that it leaves it more hydrated after using it. I also don’t experience any tingling or redness when/after using this cleanser, which is really great. Totally recommend this!!
  88. Not impressed


    Bought this cleanser as recommended by a laser technician but I find it over-priced and ineffective: have to use it 2-3 times to properly remove makeup. Definitely better cleansers out there!
  89. Lovely


    This is such a good face wash!!! it makes my skin feel so clean and soft, it definitely gets all the dirt out and even helps clear my acne I love this so much
  90. A good all-round gentle cleanser


    A nice everyday cleanser for removing makeup and sunscreen.
  91. Great, not amazing


    Great cleanser, super gentle.
    I just need to find cleanser with more 'deep cleansing' property for my skin
    but overall great price for this kind of product. doesn't irritate my sensitive skin
  92. Best cleanser


    This cleanser is amazing! It feels so good on your skin and smells so nice. I use it every morning and night and I love how it makes my skin feel so fresh and firm. The skinstitut range is amazing and I can't see myself ever using different skin care.
  93. Lovely


    This product removes absolutely all of my makeup after using it with cleansing gel. It is so gentle on the skin as well and you only need a small amount it lasts forever.
  94. Great Everyday Cleanser


    I have very fussy and irritable combo skin with some cystic breakouts here and there. This cleanser is great for everyday use! A little goes a long way and it smells divine and does an amazing job ridding of leftover makeup, dirt, and oil without stripping your skin. It doesn't leave it feeling tight after a cleanse at all but leaves it feeling so clean. It has definitely helped calm my skin as well as I haven't had new breakouts since using it. I use this everyday in conjunction with the Glycolic 14% Scrub, which I use 1-2x a week. Would recommend to anyone looking for a great all-rounder!!
  95. Awesome with and without exfoliating


    Such a nice, gentle cleanser to wash the surface and remove makeup. I use with exfoliating as well which is super effective and not over powering.
  96. Perfect everyday cleanser


    Simple but effective gentle cleanser - skin feels soft after washing. Would probably need to double cleanse if wearing make-up though as it's quite gentle
  97. All time fav


    Love this product it’s gentle but works well.
  98. Good product


    Good everyday cleanser, removes all makeup easily and doesn’t dry skin out or leave it feeling tight.
  99. Review & Earn

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