How to Treat Pigmentation With Skinstitut

Pigmentation of the skin is a condition that causes changes in colour and skin tone. Our skin contains cells which produce melanin, the pigment which adds colour to skin. Pigmentation occurs when our skin over-produces melanin and is usually a result of sun exposure or hormonal changes. Australian skincare brand Skinstitut has a range of products formulated to correct the pigmentation of skin.

5 Steps to Beating Pigmentation and Redness With Skinstitut5 Steps to Beating Pigmentation and Redness With Skinstitut

What's a Good Skincare Routine if I Have Pigmentation?

A results-driven, home care regime designed to target an uneven complexion and hyper-pigmentation involves 5 steps:

1.Cleanse 2.Exfoliate 3.Correct 4.Hydrate 5.Protect

You can create your skin’s perfect match with your own special 5 a-day programme from Skinstitut. Designed to help you tailor a routine suitable for the levels of intensity your complexion can take, it sets up good home care habits and ensures the products are right for you!

What Skinstitut Products Should Use if I Have Pigmentation?

The most effective home-care products for pigmentation are those that help to ‘interrupt’ the pigment pathway at each stage of pigment production.

The goal of a brightening home care regime designed to target pigment would be to address each one of these areas:

  • Block the UV rays that ignite the pigment production pathway to kick into gear, stimulating the production of melanin. Use Skinstitut Age Defence SPF50+ daily.

  • Antioxidants, such as Skinstitut Vitamin C 100%, is highly beneficial as it will help to brighten the complexion and also slow down melanin production in the skin.


Skinstitut Even Blend SerumSkinstitut Even Blend Serum

What Should I Avoid if I Have Pigmentation?

You want to stay away from any harsh alcohol-based astringents and artificial fragrances (sprayed directly onto sun exposed areas can cause photo-sensitivity). More olive and darker skin tones can find their skin hyper pigments quite easily. For those with a darker skin tone, they may be best to avoid certain in-clinic treatments, such as some intense chemical peels.

How Long Until I See Visible Results from Skinstitut?

The type of pigment in the skin will dictate how soon results will be seen. Sun-induced pigment will usually respond better than internally produced, hormonally triggered pigment. Making certain lifestyle modifications may also help results to be seen faster.

Generally allow a couple of months for ideal results to be seen. Some people notice minor changes quite quickly, but again, this comes down to the type of pigment being treated and its cause.