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The SACHAJUAN story began in 1997, when internationally recognized hairdressers Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind opened Salon SACHAJUAN in Stockholm. As the salon grew, it soon became the go-to salon in Sweden.

In 2003, Mitic and Rosenlind launched their own haircare line. The duo's mission is to develop high-quality, uncomplicated haircare and body care products with a holistic approach.

The signature ingredient in SACHAJUAN haircare products is Ocean Silk Technology, which enhances shine and manageability. You will find formulas to keep dry, colour-treated, and flat locks in perfect shape. The body care line incorporates Earth Silk Technology to calm sensitive skin. Please see our 'Secrets' section for an in-depth explanation of how these advanced formulations allow your skin and hair to look their best.

SACHAJUAN packaging reflects the sleek and contemporary look of Salon SACHAJUAN. Products come in a simple glass bottle with a minimalistic white label.

The brand's products have received international acclaim and awards from some of the beauty industry’s most prestigious organisations. SACHAJUAN Normal Hair Shampoo and Conditioner have both received the Esquire Grooming Award. SACHAJUAN Intensive Hair Oil won the Swedish Elle Beauty Award (2014).

From luxurious shampoos and conditioners to styling products and body care, you are certain to find a SACHAJUAN product that will leave you feeling salon-perfect.

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Sachajuan Scalp ConditionerSachajuan Scalp Conditioner
Sachajuan Scalp Conditioner

Happy but not thrilled

I have flaking from time to time, and in conjunction with the shampoo I found this kept it at bay. I didn’t really think it had a strong scent, personally I would’ve preferred more of a smell. I did find it hydrating and softening but not overly. I’m not sure it’s worth how much it’s priced at.
Sachajuan Scalp ShampooSachajuan Scalp Shampoo
Sachajuan Scalp Shampoo

Quality Product

I have some flaking from time to time, and I found this shampoo was effective at keeping it at bay. There is no real smell, which might please some but personally think it’d be nice if it had a good scent. Lathers up really nicely and you don’t need much.
Sachajuan Dark Volume Powder 75mlSachajuan Dark Volume Powder 75ml
Sachajuan Dark Volume Powder 75ml

Hands down the best on the market

Forget the “cult” classic, Klorane - that’s pretty much like comparing a Honda Civic to an Aston Martin. Anyone who tries this and says “yah, but I still like Klorane” is clearly just trying to make their credit card feel better. I’ve also used the Pureology dry shampoo, and Sachajuan still takes the win. This stuff smells DIVINE, is totally light weight, leaves no residue and is simply a treat to use. I’ve repurchased multiple times.
Sachajuan Scalp ConditionerSachajuan Scalp Conditioner
Sachajuan Scalp Conditioner

Not worth the money

Like the shampoo I felt this was ok but not great and thus not worth the money/
I didn’t like the herbal smell unlike other reviewers and found it to be quite drying.
I have suffered from an itchy and sensitive scalp,for ages and I have dry thick hair.
This product would probably suit those with Oiler hair.
I mentioned I did not like the is not a chemical smell, more botanicals that put me off and so this would not upset everyone but I find your nose is good at sniffing out what might end up disagreeing with you and it didn’t suit me.

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