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We’ve all been there - hair ties that leave tell-tale marks in hair, give you a sore scalp, or worse, damage and break your hair.

The idea for Invisibobble was born when founder Sophie Trelles-Tvede was at university. After wearing her hair tied up every day, she found she was suffering from headaches every morning and the ever-present hair kink from elastic hair ties. She loved the ponytail look and convenience but was always bothered by the aftermath on her hair.

Enter the Invisibobble - a snag-free, spiral-shaped hair tie that looks just as good whether you’re wearing it in your hair or on your wrist.


What Sets the Invisibobble Apart?

  • Spiral design
    Invisibobble’s unique spiral shape means that hair is securely held in place, without causing headaches or scalp pain. It also won’t pull, break, or damage hair

  • Hygienic polyurethane
    Unlike most other hair ties on the market, Invisibobble is made of a high quality polyurethane. This material has a smooth surface so won’t absorb dirt or bacteria, and is fast and easy to clean.

  • Long-lasting
    Invisibobble is designed to last longer than traditional elastic hair ties. If you find after a while your Invisibobble has started to stretch, simply leave it out in the sun or place in hot water. The Invisibobble will contract and shrink back to its original size.


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Invisibobble Sprunchie- True Black Invisibobble Sprunchie- True Black
Invisibobble Sprunchie- True Black

Scrunchies are in and this is great!

Love this! Gives me that stylish 90s' feel and holds my hair in place so well where a lot of other scrunchies fail.
Invisibobble Original- Crystal ClearInvisibobble Original- Crystal Clear
Invisibobble Original- Crystal Clear


Great for thick, unruly or damaged hair. Doesn't tear or feel too tight like a lot of others
Invisibobble Nano- True BlackInvisibobble Nano- True Black
Invisibobble Nano- True Black

Too Small

I found these to be too small for my hair, I have fine hair but a lot of it. I found that wrapping it once around my pony tail wasn't enough but struggled to get a second wrap around.

I highly recommend the original however, wouldn't recommend these.
Invisibobble Original- Cattitude (Pink)Invisibobble Original- Cattitude (Pink)
Invisibobble Original- Cattitude (Pink)


Great for thick, unruly or damaged hair. Doesn't tear or feel too tight like a lot of others