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Thin hair who?

Great product, really helps to volumise my thinning scalp. A little goes a long way and with the great spray function, you don't have to worry about product going everywhere (as I find so many spray bottles out on the market are so flimsy and off load too much product!). I did however notice that if I spray this product throughout my ends it leaves my hair a bit tacky and if I spray it a bit more than usual on my scalp, the product builds up and makes my scalp look and feel tacky too. One spray in each section is more than enough! I'm using this with the plumping wash and rinse so it's hard to tell which product is working is magic, but all three in conjunction has transformed my lifeless, thinning hair to being bouncy and thick in appearance.
KEVIN.MURPHY Full.Again Thickening LotionKEVIN.MURPHY Full.Again Thickening Lotion
KEVIN.MURPHY Full.Again Thickening Lotion

Great for fattening up thin ends

I have long hair and toward the ends it really thins out, this adds heaps of volume and texture without making it tacky, great product!
Viviscal Man Full Force Fortifying ShampooViviscal Man Full Force Fortifying Shampoo
Viviscal Man Full Force Fortifying Shampoo

Viviscal Man Full Force Fortifying Shampoo

This product works great for fine hair. I have also been making a lot of lifestyle changes, but since I have been using this shampoo (along with those changes), there has been a definite decrease in hair loss. It also smells fantastic. I highly recommend. I also have used Nioxin, which works great, and I like this just as much and it is much cheaper which is great! I just do not recommend the conditioner.
Viviscal Man 3 Month Value PackViviscal Man 3 Month Value Pack
Viviscal Man 3 Month Value Pack

Viviscal Man 3 Month Value Pack

Honestly I can really see and fill a difference in fact I got pictures to prove it and I’m not even a third of the way don with the pills I’ve been taking them for like one and a half months and you can see and feel the difference will continue to use till my six months is up stay tuned for more results

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