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Face inc by Nails inc is a high performance, innovative skincare range that works to bring out your inner glow. Powered by Nails inc’s creativity, trend and fashion know-how, try out the range of sheet masks with a difference. Transform skin to fabulous in just 15 minutes and have some fun along the way!


Which Face inc Sheet Mask is Right For Me?


Instant Detox: Cleanse and purify the skin. This mask is enriched with Acacia and Ginkgo Leaf to smooth skin and reduce imperfections, as well as Chamomile to reduce inflammation and Hyaluronic Acid for a dose of skin-plumping hydration.


Cat Nap: For when you’ve had zero hours sleep but want to look like you’ve had 12. Ideal for when skin needs an instant pick me up. Revitalise normal to dry skin, with Green Tea and Botanical Root Extracts that balance, restore, moisturise and cleanse. Also contains Chamomile, Propolis Wax and Rice Bran Extract.


40 Winks: For skin showing the first visible signs of ageing, this mask is the antidote for skin that needs a youthful lift. Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid plump skin, while Multivitamins B3, B5, C, E and Retinol brighten and even skin tone.


Flower Power: Packed full of hydrating goodness, this mask will restore your skin to its glowing glory. Lavender Extract acts as an anti-inflammatory, while Jasmine Extract treats dry and dehydrated skin.


Show Me the Bunny: Balance oily and combination skin types with this skin-clearing, mattifying mask. Grapefruit, Guava and Blueberry extracts will help skin look more radiant and balance oil.

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Recent reviews on face inc products

Face Inc Instant Detox Sheet Mask - CleansingFace Inc Instant Detox Sheet Mask - Cleansing
face inc
Face Inc Instant Detox Sheet Mask - Cleansing

Good but don’t love it

This was pretty good and my skin looked nice after but I don’t think it was anything spectacular!
Face Inc Flower Power Sheet Mask - HydratingFace Inc Flower Power Sheet Mask - Hydrating
face inc
Face Inc Flower Power Sheet Mask - Hydrating

Cute Mask

I have dry/sensitive skin and used this mask while I was travelling in the UK during winter (so my skin was even dryer than normal!). I definitely found it hydrating, and woke up with soft skin. I like sheet masks as I don't need to wash the product off afterwards, although they do create more waste. $10 is a bit much for a once-off product.
Face Inc 40 Winks Sheet Mask - Anti AgeingFace Inc 40 Winks Sheet Mask - Anti Ageing
face inc
Face Inc 40 Winks Sheet Mask - Anti Ageing

Super Hydrating

I have normal but extremely dry skin around my nose and after using this face mask my skin felt amazing! I am also 29 years old, so am starting to worry about fine lines appearing and fortunately, they haven’t really started yet, so I think I will continue use this product to delay the inevitable.
I actually folded the mask up and put it back in the packet with the remaining product to use it for another day.
I would definitely recommend!
Face Inc Cat Nap Sheet Mask - BrighteningFace Inc Cat Nap Sheet Mask - Brightening
face inc
Face Inc Cat Nap Sheet Mask - Brightening

Dry skin quick fix

Skin is instantly hydrated [hence giving it 5 stars] but this only lasts a day or two. As for brightening, I didn't really notice any change.