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The philosophy of personalised skincare has been with Ella Baché from the very beginning.

Created by Madame Baché in Paris, 1936, a revolutionary cosmetic chemist who believed just as we are genetically different, the same holds true of our skin. Her skincare philosophy was based on the belief that "because no two skins are alike", every client’s skin is uniquely individual.

Her immense passion for skin care has laid the foundations for who Ella Baché are today. Ella Baché carried forward Madame Baché’s philosophy of individual skin care, to provide individual skin solutions so you get exactly what your skin needs to restore it to perfection.

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Ella Baché Revealing Fruit Enzyme Exfoliant Ella Baché Revealing Fruit Enzyme Exfoliant
Ella Baché
Ella Baché Revealing Fruit Enzyme Exfoliant

Worth it!

I love this product! It is very similar to Dermalogica's Microfoliant but a little less drying and it gives the skin a nice glow. A little goes a long way. Great for the most sensitive of skin types.
Ella Baché Special Eye Crème Ella Baché Special Eye Crème
Ella Baché
Ella Baché Special Eye Crème

The best eye cream

I used to use this in my 20's. I stopped for years and was just buying eye creams from the supermarket and found I was always comparing them to this one as they never lived up to this Ella Baché one. I then finally decided to go back to it and I am so glad I did. It's the best eye cream I've used. I believe this eye cream is why I have very minimal lines around my eyes now.
Ella Baché Breakout Treatment CreamElla Baché Breakout Treatment Cream
Ella Baché
Ella Baché Breakout Treatment Cream

Calms down the breakouts

I've used the EB treatment cream for a few years now and it is an effective treatment for pimples to bring them to a head. It can be a bit too drying so targeted use is best.
Ella Baché Crème RoyaleElla Baché Crème Royale
Ella Baché
Ella Baché Crème Royale

Favourite Moisturiser

I like how a little goes a long way. And my skin feels more supple.

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