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Dyson rethinks the appliances that most don’t think about. Combining engineering and design ingenuity, Dyson are unafraid to tip convention on its head. The results? Your life is simpler. Harnessing the latest in innovative thinking and Dyson’s uniquely powerful technology, Dyson have turned their attention to personal care.

Rather than simply rehashing standard hair styling tools, Dyson decided to tackle the challenges that traditional hair dryers face. What are the common issues that prevents hair drying and styling from being a seamlessly easy experience? Conventional hair dryers can be loud, uncomfortable to use, and put out so much heat that it damages the hair. Dyson Supersonic™ changes everything.

Why is the Dyson Supersonic™ a revolution in hair drying?

  • Fast Drying
    With powerful Dyson Air Multiplier™ airflow, your hair can be dried quicker at lower temperatures. Your hair dryer doesn’t need to rely on heat to achieve smooth, long-lasting results.

  • Intelligent heat control
    Each Dyson Supersonic™ contains an intelligent digital motor that measures the temperature of the air 20 times a second, to ensure your hair is protected from damage.

  • Acoustically tuned
    The incredible Dyson motor V9 is small and engineered to the micron, spinning up to 110,000 rpm with an inaudible frequency.

  • Light & balanced in the hand
    Putting the motor in the handle just makes sense for balance. 

  • Magnetised styling features
    It’s quick and easy to switch to the styling tool you need.


What are the features of the Dyson Airwrap™?

Curl, wave, smooth & dry. An all-in-one styling tool, the Dyson Airwrap™ builds upon an aerodynamic principle called the Coanda effect that allows Dyson to create a hair styler that relies more on airflow than on heat. 

  • Powerful airflow
    For the Coanda effect to style hair, the Dyson Airwrap™ features the incredible digital motor V9, the same intelligent design as the Dyson Supersonic™.

  • Style & dry simultaneously
    Your hair is automatically attracted and wrapped around the Airwrap™ barrel, using only air. 

  • Every hair type, any style
    With multiple attachments including a pre-styling dryer, the Complete Dyson Airwrap™ features include two sizes of barrels for your perfect curl, two smoothing brushes and a round volumising brush.

  • Smooth finish
    With ionic technology to help reduce the effect of static, your hair is left smooth and glossy.

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Dyson AirwrapDyson Airwrap
Dyson Airwrap

saved my frizzy hair

it's really a great product, make my hair so smooth, and plus with so many different functions, it's good value. I have to straight my hair at hair dresser before, now I can do it easily at home, really love it
Dyson AirwrapDyson Airwrap
Dyson Airwrap

Best thing that has happened to my hair

Was honestly so sick of my normal hair dryer screaming in my ear and over heating my hair so though I would spend and get the Dyson Airwrap - it does not disappoint!

My hair has never been happier, the different heat settings are great and the attachments are super easy to use and dry my hair so much faster than a regular dryer and it is much less noisy!

Since buying mine 5 of my friends have made the switch and love it just as much!
Dyson AirwrapDyson Airwrap
Dyson Airwrap

Not worth it

It takes a lot of practice to use and still doesn’t produce long lasting curls or straight hair. Disappointed wish I could return mine or sell it.
Dyson AirwrapDyson Airwrap
Dyson Airwrap

not working at all

It is easy to use and I believe it does protect the hair. However It couldn't hold my hair at all. It curves my hair by heat but becomes straight when the hair cools down. I have to use a lot of hair styling spray to hold the curves.