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Alpha-H Liquid Gold 100ml

4.6 of 1209 reviews

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4 instalments of $12.74


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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Alpha-H Liquid Gold

Alpha-H Liquid Gold

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4.6 of 1209 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Reduced major breakouts


I received a sample bottle of Alpha-H Liquid Gold ages ago and tucked it away in my bathroom drawer not thinking much of it. A month ago my skin erupted, with huge breakouts all over my face - the worst it's been in years. I decided to try the Alpha H sampled and use it like a toner every other day after I'd taken my make up off. Within a week I noticed how much all my spots were going down, and they stopped reappearing. A month later and my skin is nearly all clear! Not sure if this was the sole reason why but it has definitely helped bring my skin back to normal and keep spots at bay.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not for me


I really hope this alpha h product will work on my skin but unfortunately it break me out. I stopped using it for a few months and tried again and it still break me out. Probably because I have sensitive skin??
  1. Reduced major breakouts


    I received a sample bottle of Alpha-H Liquid Gold ages ago and tucked it away in my bathroom drawer not thinking much of it. A month ago my skin erupted, with huge breakouts all over my face - the worst it's been in years. I decided to try the Alpha H sampled and use it like a toner every other day after I'd taken my make up off. Within a week I noticed how much all my spots were going down, and they stopped reappearing. A month later and my skin is nearly all clear! Not sure if this was the sole reason why but it has definitely helped bring my skin back to normal and keep spots at bay.
  2. Brilliant but not as drastic as i expected


    Whilst I understand everyone's skin is different I had so many people tell me this completely changed their skin in a week. I've been using it nearly two weeks now and whilst my skin does feel a lot clearer and i have less breakouts. The ones i do seem to have are a lot worse than normal. My skin also feels a lot oilier then normal- unsure if this is related.
  3. Best Glycolic I’ve ever used.


    I’ve used a lot of acid products, glycolic, salicylic, lactic etc. In terms of being able to see and feel results, liquid gold is almost instant in its effect. It’s fairly gentle with only slight tingling on my part but I’ve used acids before so tolerate well. I’ve already seen a difference to my pigmentation and the areas around my nose that can be quite congested. Will definitely purchase again!
  4. The only product I continue to buy!


    Liquid Gold is my go-to for skin care. I use it every second night and love the tingle feeling. My pores have definitely reduced in size and I've found I don't have any breakouts, or individual pimples at all. My skin tone is evening out, and overall, I feel my skin is far more radiant, when I use Liquid Gold.
  5. Amazing!


    This product helped my skin clear up within the first week of using it. I had a few pimples and bumps the week I received this product... by the end of the week, the bumps had settled and my pimples had cleared.
    I used in every second day on cleansed skin... this product will now be part of my regular beauty routine!
  6. Great so far!


    Been using this 3 times a week for past 2 weeks.
    Already noticed my pores looking smaller! Face is also finally not feeling dry & dull. So far so good.
  7. Not for me


    I really hope this alpha h product will work on my skin but unfortunately it break me out. I stopped using it for a few months and tried again and it still break me out. Probably because I have sensitive skin??
  8. best for dark pigmentation


    I heard many positive reviews about this product and purchased it for a couple of reasons but mainly to help with dark pigmentation on my upper lip. After the first application I noticed an overall improvement on my face which I was not expecting to happen so quickly. I have been using Liquid Gold for four weeks now. It has drastically improved my skin tone, helped with blemishes to the point where I don't need to use concealer any more, decreased the lines and brightened the skin around my eyes and the pigmentation is lightening. This product does what it claims to and I am now looking to purchasing other Alpha-H products.
  9. Excellent!


    I needed a product that was going to actively treat breakouts, and I love this product. My skin is visibly better and my makeup is sitting so much better on the skin. Highly recommend.
  10. Love this product!


    I received a sample of this product and purchased the next day! It is incredible. I didn't have high hopes for a product you just swipe over your face, not finish with any serums or moisturizers and to end up with nice skin the next morning, but boy was i wrong. I have fairly dry skin during winter, and this removed all the last bits of makeup on my face, exfoliated my face and neck and my skin felt tight and almost pins and needles whilst using it, but then the next morning my skin looked and felt incredible. Hydrated, soft, smooth. I would highly recommend this (if you don't have super sensitive skin).
  11. Makes a big difference.


    I was recommended this to try as a gentle alternative to exfoliating. I had been using something too harsh for my sensitive skin. I found when I first started using this it made my skin tingle so much it bordered on hurting - it kind of felt like it was burning. However I persevered and my skin has gotten much more used to it. I only use it every 2-3 nights and my skin looks so much brighter in the morning.
  12. Love it!!


    At first, it tingled, i applied a serum after and went to bed. My skin has never felt nicer than it did the morning after. Not sure if i'll use it nightly, or every second night yet but i love it!
  13. Amazing!


    I bought this to help with congested skin and large pores and it’s working! I’ve used it twice a week and seen a reduction in my pore size. My skin feels among the next morning.
  14. Happy with results using once per week


    I have sensitive, dry skin, so I started using this only once per week. This has been a great addition to my skin care regime over the past 6 weeks and I feel my complexion is brighter and my fine lines a little reduced in visibility.
  15. Shut up and take my money


    I used to be prone to breaking out bad in my t zone! Since using this magical product my oily t zone is non existent and my skin has an overall glow!
  16. Lives up to the hype


    I finally ordered this after running out of most of my current skincare line. This product does slightly tingle when applied, and my skin feels quite dry immediately after... but within 15 min or so, it feels quite moisturised and I sometimes don't even follow it up with a night cream. I haven't found that it has done much for my redness (yet), but my skin definitely looks more glowy naturally.
  17. Good product - helps pores


    I use this product one to two times a week at night and have noticed a slight reduction in pore congestion and size. I’ve also noticed an improvement in overall skin clarity/evening out of tone.
  18. A facial in a bottle


    This is literally liquid gold. I love using this at night and waking up to amazing super smooth soft skin! So impressed!
  19. Tingly


    Can be a bit tingly on sensitive skin but definitely helps with textural irregularities overnight! Take care to use only a little though!
  20. Amazing, AMAZING!


    Leaves my face feeling so soft and after just a week it was like brand new skin! Love, love, love!
  21. Overnight success!


    I use liquid gold when I'm prone to breaking out and I really notice the difference when I wake up! It's like the little gold fairies work their magic overnight on my skin to give me the confidence I desperately need during a breakout!! I highly recommend this product.
  22. Will never be without


    After one use I noticed a huge difference! Had heard about it before but finally purchased with the 2 for 1 deal and I’m hooked for life!!!
  23. This stuff is a game changer!


    I have heard SO much about Alpha H Liquid Gold I just had to try it. I have used chemical exfoliants in the past but had never tried this, so I got myself a couple of bottles from Adore Beauty and OMG! I am in love!
    I apply it in the night, and the next morning my skin is glowing and my creams and serums go on so beautifully. I feel like I am glowing like an angel, makeup or no makeup! Absolutely love this cult product.
  24. My number one skincare product


    Liquid gold is amazing! It clears up my skin so fast and if I go a week without I can notice the difference! Even better when it’s 2 for the price of 1! I use it most days and it lasts me months :)
  25. Great


    This is great to help my complexion look fresh, I use it every two days usually, sometimes longer between applying but when I start to look flat I use this to brighten my skin
  26. My favourite product


    I’ve been using AlphaH liquid gold for a year and I love it! I use it most nights and always wake up feeling refreshed like I’ve just had a facial. Liquid gold makes my skin feel clean, hydrated and supple. My make up always looks more flawless if I’ve used liquid gold the night before. I can’t recommend a product more highly than this one!
  27. First time trying this


    I bought this product because of the two-for-one deal. It might smell a bit strong in the beginning but then you will get used to it and I do feel a slight tingle which is to be expected when you use any glycolic treatments. I use it especially on my areas of pigmentation that I’m not happy with and I can see these areas are getting lighter after a few times of use. The texture of my skin is also improving. If you are after beautiful, smooth and radiant looking skin, you gotta try this!
  28. Changed my skin


    I use this every second or third night as part of my skin care regime. I love how incredible my skin looks and feels the following day. Will continue to repurchase.
  29. Skincare staple


    I have been using this for about 4 years now, and I'd be pretty lost if I had to go without it. I have read some reviews describing the dramatic result of waking up after their first use with visibly improved skin. I can't say that this was not my experience, however I am convinced that with routine use it helps maintain a more even, brighter skin tone. I notice the difference if I go a week or so without it.
    It doesn't feel like the most "luxurious" product to actually use. It doesn't have much of a scent, and just goes on like a watery tonic. As per the directions, I use it every second night and don't layer any other products with it, so at the end of my skincare routine I basically feel bare faced. It doesn't feel like it's doing much at all, and I do look forward to the alternate night when I get to use products that feel more instantly nourishing on my skin. However, I stick with it as I am convinced of the results.
    I seem to recall when I first started using this product a tiny little bit of redness the first week or so, but these days my skin tolerates it with no sensitivity at all. It's not cheap, but a 100ml bottle lasts me about 6 months with use every 2nd day.
  30. Improves skin overnight!


    This is literally my favourite skin care product ever! It helps with everything including pores, fine lines and skin texture.
    I do only apply it at night to avoid sun sensitivity from the strong acids.
  31. So awesome.


    I have been using this for the past week and have really been liking it! The next day my skin looks great and I always have an amazing skin day. Easy to apply and it’s super easy to work with. Love it!
  32. Great product


    I have found my skin is looking less tired after using this product.
  33. Can’t live without it


    I’ve used so many products but this is the one I can’t live without. Hubby and I use it together and love it!
  34. Amazing


    Can definitely feel it working after one application. Slight tingling feeling but nothing serious. Love this will definitely purchase again.
  35. Why did I wait so long!


    Got a sample of this and after trying, I purchased immediately. The day after, my skin is sooo much clearer and softer!
  36. Good, if a little harsh


    The Liquid Gold has been great for brightening my usually dull and congested skin, but I've noticed if I use it too often it becomes a little harsh. If you have sensitive skin, I would be cautious, but overall I love it
  37. Amazing stuff


    I initially got this as a freebie with a previous AdoreBeauty order. I tried it and it's amazing - I could see a very slight lightening of a fairly dark patch of pigmentation on my cheek and can see a brightening and evening of my skin tone which a few people have commented on. About finished my freebie bottle and definitely happy to pay for a new one!
  38. Bright Skin


    I bought the 2 for 1 special as my girlfriend and I both wanted to try a good AHA. Personally I was somewhat happy and found my skin had brightened after about 4 uses (daily) but my girlfriend was absolutely wrapped with her results with far less congestion around her problem nose area.
    I will continue to use this as I believe the results will continue to improve over time.
    I am also happy with how gentle it is as I have very sensitive skin in some areas. This didn't cause dry or itchy problems.
  39. bright complexion


    my skin loves this product. I use it every 2 - 3 days and masking looks brighter.
    lasts well
  40. Brighten my skin


    I’ve bought 3 bottles and the serum keeps working to brighten and renew mybskin. I’ve seen my pores become smaller and invisible. Totally would recommend.
  41. Good but over hyped


    I’ve seen so many reviews about this product so was really excited to try it however I’m yet to see what all the fuss is about. My skin definitely feels softer the day after using it and a bit brighter but nothing ground breaking! I haven’t been using this that long so hoping in time I start to see more difference and understand all the hype!
  42. A classic


    I used to use this in the past but sort of forgot all about it. I picked it up again recently and have been loving it once a week as an intensive treatment. I've never had any sensitivity issues just using this on its own, and always wake up in the morning nice and glowy.
  43. Ahhmazing


    I really love this liquid gold! I was worried to use it at first as I have sensitive skin and also using a prescription retinol so thought this would irritate my skin but not the case at all! My skin looks instantly brighter and glowing and the next morning even better! Very moisturising even though at first it feels like it might dry out your skin as it tingles a little. Love it
  44. The glow up was real!


    This product has not only decreased my dark spots, it has completely transformed my skin. From first application my skin was immediately more glowy and after a few applications I noticed a dramatic improvement in skin texture and brightness. I would recommend this to anyone who wants overall better skin.
  45. Great Product


    I've used this product on and off for years, I always end up going back to it.
    Skin is smoother and radiant the next day.


    I was a little worried about this product to start with as some reviews said it was too harsh on the skin but i have had great results. The bottle suggests every other day but i tend to do every 3 days as I worry it may be too harsh on the skin after continual use. My skin appears clearer and brighter so definitely recommend.
  47. Soo good!


    I absolutely love this product. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and definitely feel a lot brighter and less congested. Definitely will continuing with this beauty
  48. Crème de la crème


    I genuinely don’t know how I went without this product. I bought two, after one day I bought another two. I struggle to find a product that stays in my regime and this is here to stay


    I have been using liquid gold for 2 years now and i can't live without it. My skin looks AMAZING. People comment on my skin all the time now. I have NEVER had that before. Everyone needs this product. ¹
  50. Great


    Really helps clear my congestion and helps with my oily skin. Highly recommend for acne skin
  51. Gorgeous product for the price!


    I bought liquid gold after so much research to try and ease my adult/hormonal acne and after about a week I can feel my skin is firmer and feels softer I have Hope's to see what happens in the future for my skin, my face did peel a little at the start but I started my skin routine in winter so the dry weather hasnt really helped although I LOVE how clean my pores are ! I definitely reccomend if your skin can handle it x
  52. Brilliant Summer Skin


    This is a love or hate product.
    Pros: Fantastic for brightening, for fighting pigmentation, for easing signs of ageing.
    Cons: Can be drying, quite strong tingling sensation on initial application.

    For me, this is a summer/spring only product. It is fantastic at brightening and helping ease the signs of pigmentation on my Mediterranean skin, but because of the key ingredient-acid- it is drying, so I can't use it in winter. In winter it seems to strip my skin of moisture that I can't afford to lose, so I achieve similar results with retinol, rose hip oil or creamy/oil based serums. In summer, when skin is naturally less dry and seems to retain moisture better (lack of cold air, A/C, artificially warmed environments ) this is brilliant as a stand-alone final night step that leaves skin glowing and brilliant in the morning.

    It might be suitable for skin that isn't prone to dryness, but if your skin is sensitive or dry, stick to this either in warmer weather, or pair with really heavy hitting hydrating products to compensate.
  53. Wand of magic


    This was absolutely deserves all the hype about it ... works as magic on skin
  54. Glowing


    Even after using only a few times it has made a marked difference - my skin is glowing.
    Skin feels so clean and fresh
  55. Luv using this product ....I was advised by one of your beauty consultants online to get this for my face type and have never looked back!!


    Hi I have dark hair and medium colored skin ...i use this product religiously as it has done wonders overnight....im in my late 40s and my skin isnt as vibrant as it was in my 20s....but with this product it has helped it look much much better....a big thumbs up for me.....give it a go ladies i promise you wont regret it!!
  56. Best product I’ve bought


    This stuff is amazing, I could honestly say with my hormonal acne and dry skin that this has been the product that has made the most noticeable difference, and that’s an overnight difference! Highly recommend
  57. Really like it


    I've only used it a few times but I'm noticing my skin looks more even with less redness and reduced scarring. I also have quite dry skin and it doesn't dry it out
  58. Amazing


    I wanted to try this for a while but was worried it would be too harsh for my skin (sensitive, reactive skin). I finally decided to buy it and I'm so glad I did. It is actually very gentle and does a great job of exfoliating and brightening. I use it twice a week with no issues. The bottle will last a while as you only need a small amount.
  59. Just awesome


    I’m now on to my second bottle of Liquid Gold using it every second night along with Clear Skin tonic every morning. I absolutely love these two products and have seen an amazing turnaround in my acne prone skin in the last 8 weeks. Results do take time so be patient, but boy are they worth it. I now have skin clarity, no more troublesome congestion, my hormonal acne has improved ten fold and my acne pigmentation is clearing nicely. Remember to use SPF daily when using this. Highly recommend!
  60. Awesome


    leaves skin feeling brighter and cleaner, great for oily combo skin, little bit goes a long way highly recommened
  61. Love it


    I love this! Its a bit tingly but leaves my skin glowing the next morning.
  62. Maybe


    This product has improved my complexion but it can leave my skin looking red in certain areas
  63. I can see the difference


    I use the liquid gold every second night without applying a moisturiser afterwards, my skin looks brighter already. I have a combination skin and my T zone looks less oily, I surprised myself by going out without wearing makeup on some days.
  64. Life changer


    Have only been using this product for a few days and can already see the difference, no more congested bumps and has faded out all acne scars! I get burning sensations and rashes from most expensive skin care but all alpha products works so well for me.
  65. OMG


    I have been so intrigued by the hype for this product and the amount of reviews. I took the plunge to amp up my skin care and got the two for one offer and I’m so glad I did because I am in love! I noticed visible differences in my skin after the first use and I’m really excited to see the results over time. I can’t recommend this product more highly.
  66. Amazing product


    Ok so I have already converted 4 people to this product. Not only does it leave your skin feeling gently exfoliated and evens out your skin tone, but it’s also really reasonably priced! After being so quickly happy with the Liquid Gold I also bought a bunch of other Alpha H products and really love them. My skin is dry and sensitive and it still works great for me. I apply it Mon, Wed and Fri evenings and leave it on overnight without anything on top. Sometimes it tingles a little but that passes after a minute. The first three times it left me a touch dry until my skin got used to it but I just eased up for a couple of days and went back to it. FANTASTIC PRODUCT.
  67. Dream Skincare


    I have only just started using this product and I can already feel the difference. It doesn't leave any oily residue and I wake up with clearer skin. very easy to apply also. Great for early 30's combination skin
  68. So far so good!


    I was a little skeptical to purchase in case of breaking out but this hasn’t happened after nearly 3 weeks of using it! A little stingy at first but your skin gets used to it and you don’t need to use much. Skin does look brighter so looking forward to seeing more results after a bit more use!
  69. Feels great on my skin


    At first I wasn't sure it was doing anything as it just feels like a regular toner when a dab it on my face. Sometimes I feel a slight tingling which I find pleasant. After about a week of using this every second night I can see and feel the difference. This week I will try using it everyday and see if it speeds up the process. I know my skin can handle every night use.
  70. Great for toning leaves ur skin feeling grear


    Great product leaves ur skin feeling fab
    Great as a toner
  71. Love this stuff!!!


    This stuff is amazing it feels so soft on your skin and does exactly what it’s supposed to do
  72. Great product!


    Great overnight facial! Works wonders! Great buy.
  73. Broke me out


    I reallllyyy wanted to love this after all the great reviews but unfortunately I’m pretty certain this is causing me to break out! I don’t normally have breakout issues with products and trust me I try a lot! But after introducing this into my routine I’ve noticed new little spots!
  74. A cult buy for a reason


    A standout chemical exfoliator at a great price. I use this every second or third night, depending on whether I remember to apply it but the following morning I always notice an improvement in my skin texture. This has never caused me any breakouts, nor does it strip my skin.
  75. skin breakouts


    Unfortunately my skin breaks out whenever I use this product. Such a shame!
  76. Have not noticed anything yet


    I am yet to see any benefit from this product after using every 2nd night for 2 weeks !!
  77. New staple product


    I purchased this product on a 2 for 1 buy, having read great reviews, and am so glad that I did! You only need to use a little across your face, meaning that you get an ample amount of uses from one bottle! It leaves my skin feeling silky, and smooth. I also like that you can use it for many purposes - toner, exfoliator, moisturiser and serum! I can see this product becoming a staple in my arsenal, and would be amazing to travel, given how versatile and effective it is.
  78. Didn't work for me


    I hoped this product would help my enlarged pores, but I haven't noticed any changes at this stage. I have been using it every second night for 2 months, but no result. hopefully it works for others
  79. Great from first use


    I feel my skin looked brighter from the first time I used this product. I have sensitive skin so was sceptical about it, but didn’t make my skin react badly at all.
  80. I Swear by This Product


    I discovered this product in a Duty Free magazine on a flight to Paris. I was having trouble with my skin and the reviews were good so I bought it and OMG!
    I can not believe how good this is, my skin is flawless. When I got home I logged straight in to Adore Beauty to buy more. I love it so much I bought my sister one. I'm looking forward to her telling me I'm a genius!
  81. Effective and no residue


    This product is very potent, I use a cotton tip and dab problem spots, and have occasionally used is sparingly on my entire face.

    It can dry your skin out if you use it too much/around the mouth area
  82. Excellent chemical exfoliate.


    Great product for people who want a smooth complexion. This liquid helps with the little bumps on the skin by exfoliating it. Foundation goes on so smoothly the next day. The skin can feel a bit tingly after you first use it, but it subsides in a minute or two. It is definitely worth the price, and it gentle enough to use three times a week without any ugly peeling.
  83. Tightens, brightens, reduces look of fine lines


    I finally tried this product after reading many great reviews and I can say I am converted! I love that this easily fits into my regime in place of my toner. I use this every second night and find I wake up with improved texture, smoothed out fine lines around my eyes and overall plumped up look. Definately worth a try!
  84. hmmm


    This product did not work very well form. I found my skin was left quite red after. i have sensitive skin and would not recommend this product for my skin type
  85. Glow


    I love this product! I use it every second night after my daily face wash by Alpha H too. You can see results after only a few minutes. It leaves my face feeling tight and gives it a lovely glow. I leave it on over night and in the morning my face feels so fresh. It has helped with my acne scars a little bit too. Highly recommend.
  86. Literally gold on my skin


    This amazing product cleared my skin within about 2 weeks of use and leaves it feeling amazing! Defiantly will keep restocking this product on my bathroom shelf
  87. Well done


    This should have definitely won best beauty products of the year because it is honestly amazing! I don’t know how I would keep my skin clear without it
  88. Effective


    Effective and fast working treatment at home you can do yourself for a mini ‘facelift’ and for a fraction of the price. Liquid Gold is essentially a facial in a bottle
  89. Liquid amazing


    I can’t get over how good this is!! Couldn’t recommended this enough to anyone who has uneven skin tone, pimples, large pores or dull skin. Liquid gold has helped me so much
  90. Oily skin


    After using liquid gold regularly my skin feels less oily and the size of my pores has significantly decreased.
  91. Magic


    This is like the magic potion for ‘clear skin’. Liquid Gold always picks me up on a bad day
  92. God Yes


    Whenever I feel like I’m having a bad skin day or need a ‘facelift’ I use liquid gold! This stuff makes a big difference to the complexion of my skin and makes my face feels so smooth and soft
  93. YES


    This is one for everyone’s skin care regime! Affordable skincare that provides effective results.
  94. This is GOLD


    You will not regret purchasing this bottle of goodness! Welcome to more radiant and clear skin
  95. 2 4 1


    This stuff is insane! It is great value for money however they are currently doing 2. 4 1 so get in there quick
  96. MAGIC


    It’s like waking up after a facial. The results and feeling of my skin is indescribable
  97. Alpha skin care


    This is definitely the alpha in the skin care world. Works well on dry - combo/ oily. My blackheads disappear instantly when using this
  98. Unreal


    I honestly can’t believe how much of a difference this makes to my skin. I’ve never had such brighter, glowing and smooth skin before I found this
  99. Can use on sensitive skin


    I have sensitive skin and I can still use this on my skin without a bad reaction. It is a versatile product with great effects
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